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  1. It appears that an individual going by the name of Wilma Ingram is or has filed a fraudulent deed on our house - how can we stop this madness!!!
  2. Sadly no cameras in the area I beleive in Karma though and it is a @#$^@ well you know!
  3. Thank you to the person who hit my SUV last week in the public parking lot across from Sals in downtown Dallas. Just erks me to no end that people have no consideration for another persons property. Yes I have insururance and yes I know that this is what it's for but REALLY - $2200 estimate later as well as a $500 ded is something I don't readily have. I work really hard for what little i have and am just seriously upset.
  4. Need to find a place that will take old computer components -- any suggestions?
  5. I have called 770-443-8035 9 times over the last week and a half pressing 1 gets you into the never ending ring zone, pressing 9 gets the secretary who told me she would give them a messsage yesterday. Still no call, left another messgae with the secretary, still no call back and still getting the endless ring zone where no one answers this is just messed up!
  6. I have been trying to reach them now for over a WEEK left numerous message and they won't even return my call. My daughter who is a junior at North was told she would have to start riding a middle school bus that goes to Moses then pick up the other kids on her route to her high school - get up 45 minutes earlier and ride the bus for over 2 FREAKING hours to get to school. I've received NOTHING from the transporation departmane explaining this. Just torks me to no end. I understand departments get busy but returning phones calls is not much to ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Someone was asking about a student being expelled and the length of time for said expulsion: The length of the expulsion is at the desecration of the principle (i believe) after the expulsion the expelled student gets a letter from the BOE about their rights to a tribunal. You make an appointment for the tribunal to see if members are willing to a) negate the expulsion and allow the student to return to school b: they uphold the schools decision to expel C)decide the punishment is to long/severe and reduce the length of time out. There is a rule that stipulates a child has a "right" to an
  8. I too am the decision maker in my family. My mom told me years ago her wishes, wrote it all down in her will, living will, DNR and I have sole power of attorney. God blessed me with a back bone of steel so I KNOW I am doing what SHE requests and no one else can influence that decision. She was in her right mind when we set this all up because trust me the vultures are waiting in the wings for her "stuff". I don't want a darn thing of hers other than herself - when the time comes and i fear it may be this year. I will willingly abide by her wishes and anyone else can kiss my be fat white hiney!
  9. We live off Old Cartersville on Walraven Circle and we have no damage i think it skipped over us
  10. I worried that after the two drownings that their insurance company may have raised their rates so high or either cancelled them and they have no liability coverage to operate.
  11. Their website is gone and no activity on their FB page since last fall. Really strange if they are still in business????
  12. Maybe this is old news but i began to realize i have not been hit with any of the offers to buy season passes??? Have they shut down for good?
  13. Hey Sonja ---- it's Snowman and Baron - Snow would be great for a child or beginner, Baron needs someone who know what they are doing - PM me your e-mail and i will send more information. Good to hear from you!
  14. I've had those things chase my horses anyone want to come sit on my 5 acres and wait on them is fine by me!
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