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  1. Try having it for more than a decade and then tell me that! I'll tell you who knows nothing.. the doctors...the VA.. and mostly the folks that don't have to live with it or around it. My family still keeps their bedroom doors bared shut, just in case I have one of my "nightmares".
  2. The jet age is the major cause of PTSD along with the fact that killing is such a huge part of today's society. During WWI and WWII, when a soldier was released from service, there was a long boat ride with people who had the same stories. A time to "decompress" for lack of a better word. Then when they got home, they weren't bombarded with killings on every street corner and on every news broadcast. In most cases they didn't have time to sit around thinking about what they had been through, they had to go to work on the farm, or the house, or some other job just as soon as they were physicall
  3. Typical, cause a problem and then start throwing a cornucopia of drugs at it. When I retired, my psych evaluation consisted of 15 with a doctor (I use that term loosely) and a script for valium which I wadded up and tossed. Now they intend to take (possibly) unstable persons and administer psychedelic drugs to make us "HAPPY". I can't remember the total formula for this crap but I do know that parts consist of cocaine and heroin. Yeah, let's take folks that are trained to kill, hop them up and give them "visions" and toss them into public with no feelings about what their actions cause or the
  4. The Ol' Lady works at P.S. City hall and said that they herd, I say again "herd" that there was some damage "some where" in Hiram. Now they are a "gooberment" office so not sure how accurate this is.
  5. My friends, I come to you tonight to seek support in stopping these vicious acts. Earlier this evening, during the Carolina Panthers' win over the New Orleans Saints, Luke Kuechly was injured while trying to tackle N.O. running back Tim Hightower late in the 4th quarter. He was carted off the field with symptoms of a concussion or torn knee ligament or tendon, no one's sure yet. This devastating injury was caused by the "blatant" act of the offensive player dropping his head and hitting the 6'-3'', 242 pound linebacker with the crown of his helmet square in the center of the defenseless defens
  6. Just a bunch of spoiled brats that so used to being given what they want having a tantrum. They can pack their bags and leave their citizenship at the gate if they want or shut up and take it. It's over, and kicking and screaming like two year olds will not change a thing.
  7. Maybe now we will be able to turn on the T.V. and watch some entertaining or educational shows.Naw, who am I kidding, it'll still be the same reality BC that was on for 20 years before the election coverage started.
  8. I hate to beat a dead horse here, but at 4:30 am this morning wsb had their "fear monger" out at Cobb Co. gas stations stirring up the news, and 12 hours later they have Clark Howard saying "don't worry". Six weeks ago there was a "leak" and everyone went nuts, now there is an "explosion" and all's calm, so far. Have most folks really learned their lesson, or has wsb been spanked over their reporting / fear mongering , or both? O.K. , I am truly grateful and glad that things are better, for now. And I feel for those hurt and killed in this explosion. The main point that I've been trying to p
  9. Both C.P. lines run from Texas, through Cobb Co.(Anderson Farm Rd. tank farm), all the way to New Jersey. But you're right it SHOULDN'T affect us but it will, the WSB "fear mongers" had some one out at gas stations in Cobb at 4:30 am but couldn't be bothered to send some one over Helena and get their facts right. All of the "chicken littles" out there will buy up every ounce of gas they can just because the media said that there might be a shortage. On the sadder side, one of the crewmen injured in the blast has died over night at U.A.B. Medical.
  10. Final update tonight: The fire has been contained and officials are letting remaining fuel burn off. Know more tomorrow. No one over there is saying whether it's natural gas or gas. But from the flames it looks like to me to be fuel gas, but then I've been wrong before. C.P. has shut down all of their lines in the area.
  11. Update: From Fox 6 News (Bham) 7 of 9 workers injured in blast. This is not where the leak happened in Sept.
  12. O.K., every body run quick, run fast! We have to pump all of the gas out of the station's tanks and into ours before some one else does! For those that haven't herd yet, the C.P. pipeline in Alabama erupted in flames earlier this afternoon. So we all must rush to get all of the precious fluid we can before there isn't any left! Never mind the fact that there are months in supply in the tanks over at the farm. Never mind that the trucks can only haul so much, so fast. Go... Go...Go... hog it up quick! And while you're at it, might as well empty the stores of milk and bread just in case there's
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