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  1. Life Smiles in New Hope..... WE LOVE THEM.... Their staff is awsome and Dr. Parbo is GREAT..... very reasonable...
  2. CALL Can Restore they are commerce members here. I know they do great work in a timely manner....
  3. Give CM on here a call. CAN RESTORE. I know that they handle insurance claims.
  4. I was told by a worker from the 7 Hills location that it was going to open back up in March....
  5. Thanks for the password but now can not find the ladies forum... Help
  6. Eric and LaNette your family will be in my thoughts. Josh will be truly Missed. The Daniell Family
  7. Thanks, he just wanted to make sure that he was not being mislead.
  8. My son is planning on joining the Marines and scored a 97 on his ASVAB test. I was wanting information on type of jobs (MOS) and signing bonuses. Thanks
  9. This is the company my husband works for...
  10. Walmarts ad starts at 12:01 am everything but the electronics. Electronics sale starts at 5am. So it should not be as much of a mad house all at once....
  11. Was there at 10 Chelly was great....
  12. I use Biofinity contacts you can leave them in for days. I have had no problem with them and have been wearing them for 2 years. I tried many different types and love these.
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