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  1. Both my daughters were involved in accidents at that intersection while they were going to Hiram High. Thankfully, neither one was injured, but it totaled both their cars. I hardly ever go that way, but I see it hasn't gotten any better.
  2. There's a 3rd helicoper waiting to land. #2 is packaging their patient. Please pray for those involved. Emory Flight enroute to Grady with one patient. Rescue Air is now on the ground.
  3. I just heard that one helicopter is on the ground and another one is being dispatched. Sounds very bad. Prayers being said.They just said that one helicopter has left the scene with a 5-year-old girl.
  4. I feel terrible that someone was possibly raped. That is such a horrible crime. BUT---you would be surprised at the number of people who have consentual sex and then cry rape!!! Happens all the time.
  5. I came through there around 6:00 a.m. this morning. The road was open, but there were barriers up on the side of the road where the accident happened. That is on the left side going towards Highway 92.
  6. It sounded kind of like listening to a baby's heartbeat through that little thing they use!!!
  7. If I heard this right, there is a woman who is 7-months pregnant and says she does not want to live or have the baby. One officer just asked if she had jumped off the deck or was she just threatening. SO is enroute. This breaks my heart!! Please pray for this woman and her baby.
  8. It is a very sad situation. I hope he surrenders and everything turns out ok.
  9. They are taking one to Floyd Medical Center. I think they said the other person refused transport.
  10. Two vehicles involved. A burgandy Mustang and a green Protege. Roadway is blocked. One vehicle is flipped over. I have no idea how this posted 3 times. Is there any way to delete a post? All vehicles are now upright.
  11. They thought there was an open mike but there is bad weather in the area. Hail and high winds.
  12. Two vehicles involved. A burgandy Mustang and a green Protege. Roadway is blocked. One vehicle is flipped over.
  13. They just said something about moving vehicles and wanting to have a clear shot. A few minutes ago they said something about being in the line of fire. Sounds like they are getting ready to make a move.
  14. I just cannot imagine! My 20-month-old grandson has learned how to unlock and open the front door at home. His dad installed new locks up high so that he cannot reach them. He would unlock and open the door, then say bye-bye and head on out. You cannot be too careful around little ones. They are smarter than some people give them credit for. My prayers are with this family.
  15. This is in Pickens County. Sometimes we can pick them up on the scanner. It seems like every time I can hear them, something bad has happened.
  16. I was glad someone has posted this. I saw the smoke all the way in Powder Springs. I figured it had to be off 92 because of the location of the smoke. I hope they get it under control soon.
  17. I never heard anything else on the scanner about this. I only heard the original transmission. I had my actual scanner plus the scanpaulding website. Both said traumatic head injury. I really wish we could find out it this child's ok.
  18. Clark's enroute to Redmond Regional with one patient.
  19. Highway 278 and Old Harris Road. Need rescue. One occupant (female) still in vehicle. She is not entrapped, but the officer wants to keep her in the vehicle because she is complaining of back pain. Med 6 on scene, requesting Emory Flight. Now they say they do have entrapment. Cancel Emory Flight.
  20. Off Brooks Rackley Road. 7-year-old female with severe bleeding from head.
  21. How unbelievably sad!! My prayers go out to this family.
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