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  1. I pass this crossing at least once a week. It is very said that the lady was hit and lost her life. I just don't see how a person can not see something as big as a train!!! I've seen many trains pass by there, and they always blow the horn and are easy to see. The crossing doesn't have flashing lights, but the view is not obstructed. I think a lot of people get involved in things other than their driving--cell phones, radio, etc.--and just don't pay attention. Prayers said for the lady and her family.
  2. Even though I'm soon to be divorced from him, I'm glad my soon-to-be ex is selling his bike. I would always get sick to my stomach whenever he was out, and I heard a call on the scanner about a motorcycle accident. Even though I can't stand him at this point in time, I don't want him to be hurt and, sometimes, he was very careless on his bike. I've heard stories about stupid stuff he did when I wasn't riding with him. Prayers said for this man and his family.
  3. I love in Poole Bridge Park, with is just down the street from Poole's Bend. I was just getting home from a friend's birthday party, and heard all the sirens. I was wondering what was going on. Prayers said for the family.
  4. Emory Flight was the one who called this in. The plane crashed on take-off. No news of injuries. Location is at the end of the runway. I have to go out for a while in just a few minutes, so if anyone else can listen, please post.
  5. I was listening to this but was working so I couldn't post. There were two patients taken by Life Flight. The landing zone was Station 1.
  6. I head this on the scanner. Only one person was taken by ambulance to the hospital. All others refused treatment.
  7. I came by there on my way home yesterday about 4:15 and didn't see anything.
  8. I didn't get to listen for very long. I had an important phone call and it took a lot longer than I expected to. Maybe someone will know something and post it. I do know that dispatch said it was a "fall" from a bike. There was no indication that the child had been hit by a car.
  9. Emory Flight is on scene. I have not heard what kind of injuries this child has. It must have been a pretty bad fall if they needed Emory Flight.
  10. I just turned on my scanner, so I don't know where this happened. They are setting up a landing zone at the Save Rite for a 13-year-old who fell off a bike.
  11. I saw an episode of ER once where a guy was pinned underneath a steel beam and, when they moved it, he died. There is a name for this? It really bothered me because they guy was conscious and knew what was going to happen. I sure hope the lady in Asbury Woods is going to be ok.
  12. Just my opinion, but I think government assistance would be better than leaving children that young at home alone anytime, much less at night.
  13. I heard this on the news this morning. I hate stupid drivers, and I admit that I have a bit of road rage myself occasionally. However, I'm not going to go balistic and confront anyone. It's my problem, not anyone else's. Prayers go out to Robby's family.
  14. They didn't give a name of the wrecker. They need another wrecker to come in from 278 because of the power lines being down. They are requesting a wrecker service from Dallas.
  15. A wrecker has run off the road, hit a power pole (which is down), and hit a tree. The tree was on fire. Life Flight is on standby. They have called for extra extraction equipment.They need a flat bed wrecker to assist with getting the driver out of the vehicle. Needed 10-18, quick.
  16. On the way home from work, I heard that the wreck at 278 and Wayside Lane had finally been cleared. I'm not sure if that's the say one or not.
  17. Me, too!! Everytime they bleed through, it's for a really bad accident.
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