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  1. I heard this on the scanner. It was a mobile home. I never did hear anything else about the injuries, but I did hear that everyone was out of the home.
  2. I'm sure they didn't mean to drop the baby. I didn't ever hear anything else. My scanner is not picking up very well.
  3. I just turned on the scanner and caught bits and pieces of this. They are setting up a landing zone at the clubhouse of Timberlane or Timberland (couldn't understand which) Subdivison. The dispatcher said it was in reference to a 3-month-old fall. I'm assuming a baby was dropped or rolled off something. I'll keep listening and try to find out what's going on. Everyone please say a prayer for this baby.
  4. A 7-year-old male riding a scooter has been hit by a truck on Randy Way. He is conscious and breathing. A bird has been put on standby. I didn't hear the cross street. Something was said about Seven Hills Subdivison, but that might not be the same thing.
  5. I came up Pine Valley and attempted to turn left on 92. The emergency personnel were turning cars around. I had to go back to Bill Carruth and take Laird to Ridge Road. I saw two ambulances. There was one car headed towards Hiram with a smashed-up front end. I didn't see any other cars. I was trying to figure out what they hit. Prayers for all involved.
  6. I didn't hear anything else other than it was ok for rescue to proceed in.
  7. 296 Enterprise Path. 59-year-old male stabbed under right breast with a knife. Knife is still in victim.
  8. That is just too funny!!! I've rescued many turtles from the middle of the road. Never had one turn vicious yet!!!
  9. I'm doing some scrapbooking and halfway listening to the scanner. One Douglasville officer asked about the gang fight at the mall. Another officer said he had not wanted that aired on the radio. The dispatcher asked for all units not 10-6 (busy) to be enroute. Since they didn't want it aired, I might not get to hear anything else. It might be on the news tomorrow.
  10. The patient has been extricated. Will be taken to meet the helicopter in Cartersville. Gotta go start dinner. If anyone is listening to the scanner, please post any other info.
  11. Left lane of Cartersville Highway north of Harmony Grove Church Road is blocked off.
  12. One vehicle on its side in the ditch. Will need helicopter. Will check to see if they are at Cartersville Airport. One critical patient. Setting up command. Engine 1 and Battalion 1 on scene. Emory Flight is in base at Cartersville. They will be extracting patient and then taking them to the bird. ETA is 10 minutes. The dispatcher was asked not to air the tag number or OLN.
  13. Road is blocked. Asked if Bartow needed to respond for mutual aid since they are probably closer. They are ok with what they have. No need for Bartow
  14. 11190 Cartersville Highway close to Mile Marker 23. One vehicle accident, passenger car. One person entrapped. Bird is on standby.
  15. Yeah, I know it was too far away from Ridge Road, but the sirens I heard are what made me get on the scanner. Then I heard the call for life flight. I'd listen to the archieves, but my computer no longer has any sound.
  16. Emory Flight asking for patient report. Emory has been notified, but nothing was aired over the scanner. I think the incident with the 11-year-old is in Douglas County. Landing zone is at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. I've got to head out to my daughter's, so if anyone hears anything or has any info, please post.
  17. I live off Ridge Road and just heard a lot of sirens. I turned on the scanner and something was said about an 11-year-old being choked with an extension cord and a family member trying to get a ride to be enroute. There are setting up a landing zone at the intersection of Angham Road and Cleburne at the church. I'll try to get more. Not sure if this is even connected to the sirens I heard. Emory Flight has ETA of about 4 minutes.
  18. God bless you, LR. You will be in my prayers.
  19. I just heard that it was a motorcycle. One female rider was not getting up, but she is conscious and breathing. They are trying to keep her still.
  20. Overturned vehicle. SO advised serious injuries. Clarks has been dispatched.
  21. Yes, she's very lucky! Kids sometimes don't realize just how fast a car can get away from them. I'm glad to know she's ok. It could have been a lot worse.
  22. I'm listening as I work, but I haven't heard them say anything else. I'll post it if I do.
  23. Gold Altima has hit a tree. One teenage female patient. Conscious, somewhat alert with facial bleeding. SO and Clarks responding.
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