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  1. No entrapment. Cancel further incoming other than Clark's.
  2. One subject entraped. Two vehicles involved. Black Mazda 3 and a red truck. One vehicle is leaking fluids.
  3. Extracation of patient #1 is complete. Starting on extrication of patient #2. Landing zone will be Northside Elementary.
  4. SO on scene advising just south of Windmill. Two vehicles: a dark SUV and a beige passenger car Possible entrapment. Flames were seen from this vehicle Rescue 1 is responding. 3-car MVA with heavy damage asking to put bird on standby Med 1 on scene. Two entrapment - 3 critical patients - one pediatric - one other that I couldn't understand. Prayers said. Extracation is beginning on patient #1
  5. They want the red Trans Am to be let through. He is a witness. The SO said NO to allowing any family members through. The red Trans Am is a family member. Family members are also in a white van. Injured was transported to Paulding. The road is completely shut down at Willow Springs. No westbound traffic is moving. There has been another MVA with a fatality around 6:20 p.m. today.
  6. Yes, it is a second accident. A rear-ender somewhere in the traffic. Something was also said about a tractor trailer. They are wanting to let the ones with heavy loads go on through. Ultimately, they are going to be sending everybody down the eastbound lanes.
  7. Thanks for the post. I didn't understand what they said.
  8. Green SUV and white Nissan truck are the vehicles involved.
  9. The accident is in the westbound lanes of 278 right in front of Locklear Circle. They are turning traffic at Willow Springs. 278 westbound is shut down. Engine 1 on scene. I think they said they are taking one to the hospital. The transmission was hard to understand.
  10. They are making 278 eastbound a two-lane to get traffic moving. It's a mess.
  11. SO has arrived on scene. Two cars involved. Heavy damage. 278 eastbound is shut down.
  12. At first the dispatcher said possible entrapment, then no entrapment. Also said possible signal 48. Occupants are unresponsive. I do not know how many vehicles are involved or what kind. I will keep listening.
  13. The woman that was killed was the wife of another Douglas County Sheriff's Deputy. The officer who hit her was responding to a robbery at Arbor Place Mall. Last I heard, it was being investigated as to whether or not he had his lights and siren on. Very sad situation. The woman who was killed was Tammy Barnwell. The office who hit her was Chris Black.
  14. I'm sorry to hear that there was a fatality. My prayers will be with everyone involved in and affected by this horrible accident.
  15. Amen!! Sometimes the family doesn't find out for several hours. The sooner I could find out, the better. I don't care how I find out. If one of my family members or friends is in an accident, I want to know as soon as possible.
  16. The scanner archives should have all the info. Usually they say on the scanner if there was a fatality. I'd listen to the archives, but I'm out of town with a company laptop and no speakers!!!
  17. Just my opinion, but I don't think riding a bicycle on the street should be allowed. Way too dangerous!!!
  18. After church, I went to the Ross on Chapel Hill. As I was leaving, I saw a helicopter circling and hovering. When I got to I-20, the entire interstate, eastbound, was closed. Traffic was completely stopped and backed up as far as I could see coming from the west. I stopped by the house to check out the traffic website, but nothing was on there. I've listened to the scanner for the last 20 minutes, and nothing has been said. I know some of our P.com people listen to Douglas County. If anyone knows anything, please post. I'm thinking the helicopter might have been life flight.
  19. Not yet. I just got home from church and have to run back out for a little while. I will definitely listen later on.
  20. I've been busy but I just heard that a black mustang has just left the area, unknown direction of travel. And a mother showed up in the area, but her kids were not involved. I still can't figure out what was going on. I'll try to listen to the archieves tomorrow.
  21. Not sure what happened because I didn't hear the initial call. All I heard was that they had two on the ground but were searching for more. They called for additional deputies.
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