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  1. Postman, Please dont keep your sidearm in your car, this is a great place for those whom should not posses a gun to obtain one. Do your part, be responsible.. who knows how many lives you may save by not allowing that weapon in the wrong hands. With that being said, each to thier own on how they carry. Personally I like consealed as the public sees the weapon; and much like several have said on here they feel uncomfortable at best. Those people likely vote. Just something to think about.
  2. http://www.11alive.com/story/news/local/dallas-paulding-county/2014/03/25/text-to-911-when-you-cant-make-voice-call/6895997/ "Paulding County 911 is launching "text to 911", the first of its kind in the state of Georgia.911 operators are able to communicate with people who are hearing impaired or any person who is unable to make a voice call" This is a big leap in the right direction, unfortunately the rest of the county goverment is still as it was during the countys creation in December 3, 1832.
  3. Its not unlawful for one to shoot a gun in Pauling county if it is on ones property and the person shooting is 50' away from someone elses home. Of course this doesn't mean to shoot towards someones home or not use responsibility in thought of your trajectory, this is when the law will come in.
  4. Isn'tthat called the "Courthouse Employee Park"? I remember seeing something to the like on the sign
  5. Nobody mentioned the new park that is being constructed in front of the courthouse, I believe it is called Courthouse Employee Park or something to that nature.. Money well spent LOL
  6. An old lawnmower with a beat in deck will quickly get the point across...
  7. Steve123, good luck with getting animal control or the marshals office to do anything. Your best bet is to speak with the neighbors directly and then find "creative" ways to deal with the problem. Ive been there, done that and was told the same as you - we cant play the dvd, however it worked in 4 of my computers and a dvd player! The loud car would bother me as well, just as the cannon that was fired last Saturday at 0645am in the same woods that the OP is speaking of...it was a great way to wake up! Hunting deer in close proximity to several residential neighborhoods should be ill
  8. I did not intend to spell my user name correctly, Ignoramus.
  9. To be a pain in your ignorant internet trolling ass
  10. Issues that plague Paulding Co. County Government (backwoods mentality, good ole' boy network) Negative media coverage, Government again School System, higher rated schools attract higher class people...period. County Access (no major highway) Mentality of local people (not all, but a large majority) uneducated ignorance perhaps
  11. Thank god the Tavern has a new owner!! Unfortunately hes still next store peddling pizza, guys lock up yours underage daughters!
  12. Reading comprehension? No one called anyone's kids hooligans directly, I merely stated that upbringing like this is likely a determining factor in today's society. I do not know blondchevygrl or her children.
  13. I feel sorry for your child, more so than your neighbors. What kind of lessons are you teaching your offspring? Upbringing like this is exactly why society filled with a bunch of non mannered hooligans.
  14. And to make matters worse, we have an ex Douglas County DA working in the PC Court System
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