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  1. Maybe you can lobby to get the three weeks of voting extended to 12 weeks, so then turnout could quadruple to...16%. Again, three weeks of voting, plus absentee voting for absolutely any reason. And if you still get 4% after that, then that's what you get. If only 4% of the eligible voters want to determine the future leaders of the county, then so be it. Don't whine when the few who bother to take 10-15 minutes to vote choose the candidate(s) you don't like.
  2. It doesn't work that way. You can't go back and prosecute him under new or amended laws.
  3. But even with the redacted names, the document would likely look official. Police reports have underage and sexual assault victims' names redacted all the time, but one can look at those and tell with some certainty that it's a police report.
  4. Someone said in this thread or another thread that the records in question cost $18. Why should every person pay that to find out why they shouldn't vote for this candidate?
  5. Post something with complainants' names blacked out. It's that simple. Or why not provide the records to the media? Or have they gotten them and see this is a non-story?
  6. If you've done one, why not share it with the rest of the class instead of merely implying that there's something damning on it?
  7. This is funny coming from a guy who said someone who ran —what, a tow truck business was it — should have been elected to run the county. A higher-up at one of the biggest electricity providers in the state, and one of the biggest cable/media entities in the country (world?) is bound to know more about government operations (since those entities have to work with multiple governments) than a tow truck operator. Be lucky that people outside of Paulding have business concerns in the county and want to have a presence in the county, else more of the population would be traveling outside Pauld
  8. Good point how several of those board members are actually elected. Didn't Boyd Austin run opposed last time? That could've been one seat for the anti- folks had they found a person to represent them. Whitey loved to point out that Doris Devey only became mayor by a few dozen votes (ignoring the fact that it was a non-major election), but yet the election that put most of the anti- commissioners in had dismal voter turnout as well.
  9. You keep using this argument, and it's a very weak one. The board you're speaking of has its members appointed, and if I'm not mistaken, many of them are appointed by commissioners, much like planning commissions and zoning boards and the like across the state. Appointed boards are not uncommon, and they have many functions in our governments.
  10. Kind of hard to create jobs when a select few are opposing the airport at every turn. One of your friends posted in another thread a story about how many jobs commercial service could provide: "According to the Chamber-funded study released in November, commercial airline service at Paulding’s airport may create the equivalent of 55 full-time jobs" http://www.thedallasnewera.com/local-news/439-chamber-airport-economic-impact-study-completed-public-hearing-scheduled
  11. It says I don't owe you an explanation about who I am, where I live, or what else I believe. You're welcome!
  12. I'm sure some folks are surprised that an airport director that "has no experience as an airport director" (and I'm not sure how the logic of that works) could get a job in airport management. I wonder how many of these airport opponents have ever met Blake, talked to him about his job or the airport's operations, etc. While I don't know Blake on a personal level, he seemed like an alright guy amid my dealings with him, and I have no reason not to wish him the best in his new endeavors.
  13. You say he was paid to run the airport, yet he's "never run an airport" at the same time? How long must one work as an airport director before you say "OK, he has some experience as an airport director?" There are millions of people who get hired to an X job when they've never done an X job before, and once they've worked at X job before, they have experience of doing X job — not necessarily great experience, but experience doing the job nonetheless. How many of you airport opponents have actually walked into the airport, utilized its offerings, studied what it does? How do you know how w
  14. Yes, shame on him for working to develop an amenity in your community. "Wanting to destroy our peace and quiet." Melodramatic much?
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