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  1. Too bad you missed Troop 7's annual sale. Just Thinkin Hard posts about it. It's $4 per bale and they deliver to your house. We've gotten ours from them last 5 or 6 years. Good quality pine straw. I know this doesn't help you now, but thought you might want to keep it in the back of your head for next year. Good luck!
  2. Home Depot has kids activities monthly, although I don't know the schedule. You can call and ask.
  3. No, but we did a couple years ago with the nonstop rain we had at that time. Our field lines were saturated and were off and on with the weather. Since the flood in 2009. We had Skyline come out and explain our options. Sounds like you may be at the same point. I highly recommend Skyline.
  4. Georgia resident here who had a beach wedding in Florida. It's not uncommon to go to another state to get married. you just have to follow their rules. If I recall correctly, if we were Florida residents we could get married that day but since we're GA residents we had to wait a day or two.
  5. They sent out a letter about a month ago. I didn't keep it but recall it saying we were limited to the one can weekly. Additional trash would be an extra $10
  6. Our parents had to know we were sitting in oak chairs???? Missing the connection between your words and the pic
  7. I have a friend in Atlanta who uses Instacart and loves it. It's not available in our area yet, but when it is, I will use it. Instacart.com if you want to check it out.
  8. I second this. They took a lot of trees down for us.
  9. LPPT....Lowe's recycles the plant containers.
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