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  1. I remember it but I was only a kid. A few of us were talking about it on FB yesterday. I will have to go post the date for them. Thx. I just found this site with stories from that day: http://snowjam82.com/atlanta-stories
  2. Thanks to A Friendly Geek, my laptop is now back up and running. That was a nasty virus! I went through withdrawals from my laptop for the past 24 hrs! lol!
  3. Ya'll just don't get it. I and others like me (Madea and Solo have agreed) that we are allergic to it. It causes our bodies to physically react in ways we have no control over. I get either a migraine or asthma attack. As far as your experience in Dubai, I had quite the opposite. I was behind two Emirati men in one of the malls and the cologne they had on wafted behind them. I had to completely go in another direction to get away from it.
  4. I would be perfectly fine moving myself if it were possible. Again as I have said you have to have a sympathetic boss for anything to be done. I think this is a great step to protect those of us that cannot help how our bodies react. What happens if you have a boss/company you work for that doesn't give a rats a$$ and I have to go home or to the Dr on a regular basis because the environment is making me ill? I've used all of my sick days and now I'm in jeopardy of being fired?? If the Americans with Disabilities Act now recognizes this as a problem, my job is protected.
  5. You would think it would be that easy, but believe me it's not. There are some people that just don't believe the perfume/cologne are a problem and if it's a boss or HR person, they won't do anything about it.
  6. Obviously you do not have any allergies to smells. This has nothing to do with being able "to stand" something. I applaud this decision as I suffer all the time from others perfumes/colognes. I have asthma and migraines. Either one of these can be triggered by smells. I have had to ask a few co-workers to stop wearing certain perfumes. I really never know what will bother me from day to day. It really sux being like this because people don't understand and I would love to be able to wear something to make me smell girlie. I can tolerate something one day and the next be sick from it.
  7. According to news reports, people travel the world over to the one in Dubai. If that's the case, it could be a huge boost to our economy. I'm excited that they are thinking about putting it here. It could bring 1000's of jobs to our area. They are looking near Red Top Mountain.
  8. I found a couple of sites regarding teen pregnancy. First, here's a link to an article in The Huffington Post dated May 2009 by Jane Fonda. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jane-fonda/abstinence-only-until-mar_b_188207.html and She states that in 1995, GA had the highest rate of teen pregnancy. So we have improved the rate. I found this site: http://www.thenationalcampaign.org/default.aspx That has reports you can pull comparing states but the data is from 2005. Found one more that has county detail: http://gcapp.org/county-data
  9. I saw that the Japanese Steakhouse on Cedarcrest has a Sunday brunch. Not sure how they may change it for the holiday.
  10. they need to release it already! I'm dying to see what parts made it into the final movie!!!
  11. What will you be cooking in class?
  12. My parents always had a favorite mug. My hubby and I have favorite mugs...but we're lucky that we each have 2 of our favorite mugs. Mine's red and square(ish) and his is a KidzArt mug. They are both large mugs too!
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