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  1. Thank you, dear friends. You might recall it all began here with the 'Mr. Brownstone" thread about 3 years ago. Someone started a p.com novel and it went on for weeks. I look forward to seeing each of you there!
  2. Five different forums!? You mean to tell me other forums are allowed to exist? I need to get out more often.
  3. You said it, I didn't A little late. I'm already fixed
  4. Well, do you want to know what bugs us? Well, I'll tell you anyway. It's all those people who work for the airline industry and their families. Many of them get to fly for free. Why, if it was me they'd charge FULL PRICE. Someone should report them and get them in trouble at work. Oh, I take that back, they already know. Those mean people who work at restaurants and give their friends and family discounted or free meals. Sometime they even save seats for them. Why, if it was me, I'd have to wait and be charged FULL PRICE. Those people who work in electronics stores and are abl
  5. Go get a job as a cop and stop him next time.
  6. It's a tropical animal that's a cross between a Cockatoo and a spider monkey.
  7. Knock it on the head, wipe it's rear end and put it on a plate!
  8. I was drug to an oprah once. I don't know how you folks keep from falling asleep. And now they have a full network of it?!
  9. DW had to call me about it on my cell at work while she was watching it tonight. No matter that I was juggling 10 alligators at the time.
  10. It's a special gift from God. I plead guilty. Here are some of mine: Hunt for Red October Die Hard (all) Matrix (the first one) Star Trek (all) No Country For Old Men (from any point in the movie) Slingblade (Same as above) James Bond (all) Ruthless People (saw the last 45 minutes last night) Tombstone Overboard Crimson Tide Jackass (the first one) The Bourne movies (all, even if Matt Damon is an idiot. His next movie is: The Bourne Stupidity)
  11. They should get paid based on performance like the rest of us.
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