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Found 4 results

  1. According to reports and an article posted on Rollingout.com, (http://rollingout.com/2017/03/13/trump-fires-us-attorney-may-investigating-administration/) " President Donald Trump asked for the resignations of 46 US Attorneys in the Justice Department. The news came on Friday at the end of the working day and shocked many members of the Justice Department. It is normal for presidents to replace attorney generals from prior administrations, but the timing of the move has some questioning whether this is an attempt to cause disarray over possible investigations of the Trump administration and associates. One prominent example of this is US Attorney General for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara." Since the recusal of Jeff Sessions from matters dealing with the election of Donald Trump, there seems to be a scramble to protect and shield the Trump Administration from inquiries into the nature of the Trump camp's relationship with a foreign power. While it appears the Independent Bipartisan Investigative Committee approaches a decision to call for an independent prosecutor, the WH appears to be muddying the waters of making it possible for such an investigation/prosecution to take place. Without a deputy yet appointed, who would or could be appointed. One fear of the new administration appears to be Preet Bharara. According to the article, "When Bharara was attorney general, he was feared by major Wall Street companies and hedge funds because of his prosecution of criminal misconduct. Earlier this month, the government ethics watch group Democracy 21, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and the Campaign Legal Center sent a letter to Bharara. The letter asked for an investigation of Trump and read in part, “Democracy 21, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and the Campaign Legal Center request that you undertake an investigation to determine if the Trump Organization LLC, the Trump Organization, Inc., and any related Trump businesses based in the Southern District of New York are receiving payments and financial benefits from foreign governments that benefit President Donald Trump and that do not comply with Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution, the ‘Foreign Emoluments Clause.'” It appears that subterfuge is the name of the game. How better to muddy the waters than to appoint cronies in the justice department in place of prosecutors that might want or actually look for the truth. According to a tweet by Preet Bharara on March 11th at 2:29 PM he did not resign, he was fired by Trump. Is it because of his professional history, or because Bharara would have jurisdiction over a case that took place in New York. If the reports are accurate (CNN, Raw Story, Vox, businessinsider, thehillnews, etc.), it seems just a matter of time before Trump's towering house of cards comes tumbling down.
  2. Paulding's Democrats gathered for a rally Saturday at their headquarters and were pumped in their hopes for victory by Labor commission candidate Robbin Shipp, who stopped by the event. Ms. Shipp laid the state's nation-leading and utterly dismal unemployment rate on failures by the Republican hierarchy under the gold dome. Citing untold millions, even billions of federal dollars in employment assistance and healthcare that were just ignored by the states' Republican leadership, Ms. Shipp predicted Georgians would choose Democrats on Tuesday and return the state to the path of progress it enjoyed in the decades before Republicans took over. Paulding's Democrats will be gathering Tuesday at their headquarters to offer rides tot he polls and will stick around for vote-counting and invite residents to stop by. Click for RECENT TOPICS click for RECENT TOPICS click for RECENT TOPICS
  3. This video which seeks to cream Michelle Nunn for her support of Obamacare is an effort to hurt the lady's chances this fall as the GOP runs on the belief that America had the best health care in the world until ... drumroll ... obamacare. Of course that is, was and has been debatable despite the efforts of the industry to perpetrate that lie through sheer media weight. But maybe that's untrue. If anything, this interview with Fox News Todd Wilemon, a Fox News commentator and managing director of the New York Stock Exchange should show how strong the case is for the view that Health Care in the US is the best in the world. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook And certainly the former PR guy from CIGNA and also Humana, Wendell Potter, can attest to how right the 501 C4 political action group running those ads against Ms. Nunn in the following articles that includes a report on a speech by Health and Human Services Secretary under George HW Bush (41) and former president of Atlanta's Morehouse School of Medicine Dr. Louis W. Sullivan. Obamacare reaction baffles former GOP Secretary of HHS- Dr. Louis Sullivan Mr. Potter also filed this scathing report on the current situation surrounding health care that talks about the fear, uncertainty and doubt that surrounds the talk about health care and who is responsible. The health care industry: fear, uncertainty and doubt Potter, whose 25 years in the industry gives him unimpeachable credentials, hits another home run with this article saying : Pay no attention to those ... behind the Medicare curtain! It is obvious with enemies like this, Ms. Nunn's suggestion that Obamacare needs fixing may be more a slide in to second than a slip and fall.
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