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  1. How has everyone been? We are just surviving.
  2. Haven't been on here in forever. How's everyone been?
  3. haha! we are all fine. still a republican so I am still working
  4. just jumped on to see if there were any good arguments to get involved in. looks like ithiel is gone though.
  5. I had contemplated coming back into the kitchen with a radio and handcuffing someone :-)
  6. Only when we go to Atlanta : ninja:
  7. carry a 870 five nights a week. Mine has a 13" barrel though and a light attached to the fore grip with a pressure switch. And for those of you yapping about moose, this thread ain't about moose. It's about TOW. :-P
  8. paranoid? Not even, just prepared. My collection ain't that large or russian. let's just say I could endure a zombie attack!
  9. You got that right jetman! No apology needed buddy, you showed up.
  10. as I can see from several post from a certain person in this thread, my position as board jerk had been taken in my absence!
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