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  1. Can some please tell me where I can get information about the christmas parade-how to register, cost, etc.... Thanks!
  2. If you are interested in joining Girl Scouts either for your daughter or by Volunteering, please contact www.gsgatl.org For Adults - http://gsgatl.org/how_to_join/default.asp?page=adults For Girls - http://gsgatl.org/how_to_join/default.asp?page=how_to_join Girls are placed as openings become avaliable with existing or new troops. If you would like to become a leader, we would love to have you!
  3. Are there any paper guys out today (Sunday)?
  4. Thank you ! This is a real word. This is the correct meaning of it. Now, the next question-Is it aganist the law to drive in one, deserving of a ticket or traffic citation?
  5. Carden831


    Wanted to know if anyone knows what a gore is(I'm not talking about Al Gore!) I know that we have them in the County & I know what they are. But I want to see if any one else, ecpecially the law enforcement people that we have on here. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!
  6. Reguardless how minimal the County's cost was, it was still money that could have been spent else where! A lot of money was spent (reguardless who) on something that is not getting alot of use & really had no need for.
  7. Glad that you were able to get some use out of it, it is just a shame that we WASTED all the money that went into the airport, when the money could have been used for more practical things!
  8. When I was commuting to Dekalb cnty everyday, I found that it was eaiser to stay off of the interstates (of course, I was leaving later than you are) but, Hwy 278 will take you into Atlanta (you have to turn onto veterans in mableton, but it was so much stress less than the interstate. With the time preiod that you are going to be leaving, you might not have a problem with traffic & should be able to get there in 30-45 mins, time frame coming home, you might have to find an alternative route (staying off the interstate) It is hard to say exactly, b/c the traffic changes day to day & t
  9. For 3 years in a row, I got stood up on Valentines Day. All 3 different guys! They all told me that they had planned something special for the evening, but never showed. One of the guys that stood me up, called me that night, later & told me that he could not be in a relationship at the moment & broke up with me. I gave up on love/relationships for a while!
  10. How much do you charge to have a septic pumped. Only 7 years old, located in the back yard (I have been told that it is a double)
  11. Well, I can not speak for other Councils, But I can speak for Greater Atlanta Council (which is the one that we are in)-We are not EXTREMELY dependant on the cookies sales, yes it does help, The cookie sales is jsut a percentage of the whole pie, but we also depend on the United Way funding, as well as the Annual Fund campaign that goes through out the year, Infact each Service unit has a goal that we have to meet by a deadline. How we raise that money is up to us -Parent donation, Business donation, events, etc. The troops as individual also can have fund-raisers--Yard sales, car washes, bake
  12. Yes Girl Scouts is just as much a Business as Boy Scouts, YWCA, YMCA, Boys & Girls Club - They have expenses, they have a staff that they pay, but most of the money that they require to get for yearly operation comes from United Way, Company Donations & Personal donations. If your daughter did not have a good experience b/c of a SU/Troop that should not reflect on the organization as a whole-After all, 1 bad apple does not ruin the whole batch! In the future if you or your daughter decide to come back, please don't hesitate to contact me & I will help you get placed with a troop th
  13. Henderson Collision by far. Wonderful service, Work is absolute too!
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