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  1. FYI, it might not have been rolled back, but replaced. With our 99 truck, the dash is all one piece so if you replace it, the odometer is attached and replaced as well. Not that they shouldn't disclose it. Anyway, the high mileage may not lower the value of the vehicle too much, they are made to go a long way. The truck we just bought has 260k miles, but we were aware of the mileage so that is something
  2. ccfamily

    car auctions

    I have tried a couple, they never seem to have anything decent - seems to be the junk that can't or won't sell at dealer auctions. Good luck though, maybe yours will be different.
  3. Yes or two adults just go with the child. I know in my church nursery, we always have 2 workers in the room. This is in large part because we change diapers and we never want to have a question of impropriety. A policy such as this would only protect the schools too, because they definitely don't want questions of something worse than spankings...
  4. I would rather my child get spanked than have the possibility of pervs watching her potty...
  5. Well, they may not get charges against them, but do those children and adults have to pay for the damages to the car? No. I really don't know how I feel for sure, I think it is on insurance and that is why we have it. But legally, I would like to know if anyone knows the exact answer and a link.
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    Exactly. I did not say they handled it right. I just said that I don't think they should be persecuted by everyone. And there is not a person in this entire world who gives 100 percent on the job, every day, every minute. I don't care if you are an officer, military, firefighter, accountant or stay at home mom. It is absolutely impossible. At some point, you will give less than your best. And yes, it is a tragedy that this ended in the loss of someone's life.
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    Mistakes are made everyday, by everyone. No one is perfect. I think it is sad, but I don't think there was any malice on the part of the firefighters. If people keep up with suing and prosecuting people who make mistakes while trying to help...who will be willing to be officers and firefighters? We are all quick to judge, but overall are we not THANKFUL that people such as this exist? Many firefighters have done this for FREE, at least at some point in their lives. They risk their lives for people and no one ever gets rich at this job. Lets not all be so quick to persecute.
  8. Say it like it is Sister! I me some Soapmom! My DVR. That said, I am moving to stay with family for the next few months til we get situated in Indiana. They don't have DVR so I will be having serious withdrawals til we get our own place again! UGH!
  9. I pierced all my kids at 6 months with 14k gold earrings. That kind heals easier and I leave my studs in until the kids are about 4 or old enough to want me to change them. By then, they holes are pretty much there and they can leave them out for awhile with no trouble. If she only had hers done this last Thanksgiving, I would get more back in today. I know they say you can remove them at six weeks, but the hole isn't that well established. It shouldn't truly hurt if the earring is aiming through the hole correctly, it may be uncomfortable though. I had to do this for my niece and I put neosporin on the earring stem. It helps them slide through easier and also helps to heal any tenderness. I would put in a good pair, like 14k or 24k, if she intends to leave them in awhile. This might be the best solution since they don't seem healed enough to be messing with them daily and they are less likely to get infected. I know the store says that almost all earrings are hypo-allergenic, but I don't know what that means, but almost everyone I know gets infections if they leave them in more than a day or two. Good luck! Oh and if all else fails, make daddy do it! I have done that before too! LOL
  10. My daughter had a UTI that went undiagnosed until it turned into a kidney infection. Took her to the emergency room for a 104 degree temp and screaming and holding her back. She had no symptoms until then, but at that point I thought her appendix burst or something. There is just no way that the child only had cold/flu like symptoms. I just think it is really sad, what people will do in the name of religion. I myself am christian and try to act in ways that show that. Things like this make me sad for all involved and for those who watch and turn away from belief because of the bad light this sheds on it. It amazes me that people think they will get to heaven by watching a GIFT FROM GOD waste away and doing nothing. If you give someone a gift, don't you want them to take care of it? I just don't get it...
  11. That is not necessarily true. It is one thing to proceed with caution and, considering all the posts, I do believe this deal is shady. I would suggest never renting a house you haven't been in. However, not every person should be afraid to rent from someone that seems to good to be true. My current landlord is great. He knew there was no point in doing a credit check as ours is probably negative. We told him that upfront. He let us rent with no deposit, no background or credit check, no job verification and let us bring our dogs. Some people are still willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. He liked us and didn't care so long as we said we would pay the rent. Because he was willing to rent to us, he has received multiple upgrades to the house (approved by him) because hubby is a handyman. Win Win.
  12. I agree with you Hitch - to a point. I agree with the sentiment, yet I feel some places need to be open on Christmas. If the post about revenge was intended at you, I think that is off - base and you aren't going for revenge. I do agree with the one that asked if you boycott places open on Sunday because, to me, that is pretty similar. My solution is not to boycott, but to choose other places whenever possible. For instance, I love to visit Chick-fil-a and give them my money because they do not open on Sunday and I respect their values. I do not appreciate that McDonalds is open on Christmas and I probably won't choose them (sorry don't think their service is a necessity). I tend to visit places with values I share and avoid those with values I dislike. I can see Walgreens being necessary to fill prescriptions. Most people that I know that work on Christmas, know way ahead of time and can plan accordingly. It is not a huge deal to them. Granted, they don't work at the local fast food joint for minimum wage, I am speaking of nurses and officers.
  13. My 8 year old has had one since she was 5 and I tried to buy one for the room my 2 year old & infant share, but they only sell the expensive flat screens and I couldn't find a 20" used one for the wall. Your kids will only sit and watch it all day if you let them. My daughter usually only watches it at bedtime and sometimes the two year old is in there in the daytime with it on while she plays. She doesn't really watch it, it is more for her to sing with while she plays. When a song comes on she will get up and dance. Tvs in general aren't evil, you just have to monitor and limit. I think the Leap Frog Videos and Noggin are pretty good background noise. My oldest daughter always had Noggin on and she learned her colors and shapes just from listening while she played. I don't really give a hoot what studies show about tvs. They are only as accurate as the questions they ask
  14. but sometimes people really suck I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. However, I just paid $150 to have my van detailed to sell and I wake up to find it paintballed! That is just great when I have a million and one things to do for Christmas and now I have to stop all that and clean the van because I really need it to sell asap. Guess I'm done whining. I am just so frustrated with people these days.
  15. Not to hijack, but maybe you could post a thread on how you make laundry soap. That stuff is killing me! Even the generic is a lot for the amount of laundry we seem to go through.
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