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  1. There will be a new list of rules and such coming out soon. The basic thing is for everybody to be nice, have fun and act like you're talking to everybody in their own living room. Easy way to keep problems down. There is something that needs to be done now. A few sites will no longer be accepted for linking. Hate sites will not be acceptable in the context of supporting a view. Aryan Nation or Terrorist sites are obvious examples. There will also be on the list sites that are filled with hate speech that have been banned elsewhere. These will be on a case by case basis but one that will not
  2. The professional thing to have done was to use the REPORT feature and explain the context of the post some members have a problem with. Instead, the childish behavior just jumps onto the screen. Act like adults.
  3. When the moderation team is told from several sources that someone is intentionally trying to push buttons to force moderation, it puts responses in a different light.Thread closed.
  4. There is no need to be snide in replies. Be mindful this is a place where real people discuss things. If you wouldn't act and say things that are snide in real life, don't do it here. If you do say things that are snide in real life, don't do it here. It is customary to accept an apology when one is genuinely given. We're adults here and we expect members to act like adults. If you are trying to push buttons in an effort to play the martyr, just tell us up front so we can save everyone the effort.
  5. A few very negative posts were set invisible in this thread. If you want to be a Negative Nellie or just bash the site and moderation, don't. It won't be tolerated. There is enough negativity on the 24/7 news channels and we won't tolerate mimicking that here. One poster brought politics into this thread and that will no longer be acceptable either.
  6. Posting political links in non-political threads is not allowed. If you want to discuss politics, do it in the political forum.
  7. Yeah, it looks like a few are intentionally breaking the known rules. It will no longer be tolerated. Everyone may discuss but the personal attacks and just being an ass is no longer acceptable. We've had it. Done. Play nice.
  8. In case a reminder is needed, public complaints about moderation are not tolerated. If you want to discuss moderation in your situation, there is the PM option. That has been a rule for a very long time. No one is special when it comes to this rule. I'm sure some will want to say they were dinged without cause but the rules on this are clear.
  9. No more warnings. It stops now. The moderation team has gone back over the mod notes for nearly 15 years and it is always the same thing and a few of the same people. Insult a poster then report it when the poster claps back. It is the same one or two that report things all the time. We've had it. If you can't grow up and discuss things like an adult, you will get bullets. If you insult a poster, you will get bullets. That goes for insulting Pubby, too, because it has gotten to where it is open season to insult him and his board. If you act like a child, you will be sent home. Not time outs
  10. Everyone check the forum. it is as we agreed.
  11. Already personal attacks toward individuals. Closing.
  12. A few posts hidden for the thrown insults or copying the insults. Keep the civility.
  13. Are you serious? Good is not what I would say about this. Somebody is going to take an ass kicking for this. I'm out. You all can have this. Andy is going to freak!
  14. You ain't lying. Andy is going to be totally pissed!
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