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  1. Full Time infant.................................125.00 per week Full Time over 12 months.........................100.00 per week Full Time Part Time(3 full days)..................75.00 per week Drop-In(full day).................................25.00 per day Mother's Morning Out(1 day leaving by 12:00PM)....20.00 per day I feed 2 meals and 1 snack. I also provide infant formula(of my choice)and baby cereal/food. You can keep up to 2 children for pay without being registered by the State.
  2. Definately praying. The last I heard they were checking out the possibility they were pets. :( ETA....Guess I should have kept reading before replying.
  3. I am understanding the article right that the kids were just with the daddy? With the limited details we have I am more upset with the mother IF she indeed ran off with another man. Either she knew what she was leaving them in or has not checked on them since she left. We do not know what was going on in her mind or what state she was in physically at the time but that does not stop me from wanting to throttle her. The daddy....I will not print what I would like to do with him.
  4. Question? Even though the children are now with the grandmother aren't they actually under DFACS so the atricle would be right in saying they are in state custody or do they call a family member and turn them over without "putting them in the system"? I am horrified at what happened but even more so that the dog was in there with them. If not fed at some point a 100lb ANY breed dog is going to get hungry and he was definately the alpha male in this situation. If the grandmother is loving,fit and healthy enough to have them I hope they have a long happy life with her.
  5. Glad no one was serioulsy hurt. I do feel sorry for the mom-to-be. Did she say if this was their first? Just wondering if the drinking daddy-to-be had more poor kids at home. I am not against drinking at all but I totally have NO respect for anyone who drinks and drives. You are one of few that would worry about him getting out of jail in time for the baby to be born. Maybe this was his first time....Maybe not....Hope it will be his last.
  6. I have not read all the responses so someone may have already told you this but.... PLEASE DON'T get upset or discouraged if you feel like nothing has changed and you have some of the same symptoms you had before the surgery. These WILL go away and you WILL feel better. ETA.....You will find a few foods in the future you will have to stay away from unless you don't mind the mad dashes to the bathroom but that is about all the side effects I ever have.
  7. I just don't want to see some poor driver somehow blamed for running one of these idots down. Blending in is not good.
  8. Dark clothes on dark roads do not go together for anyone but especially if your clothes match your skin color. I am sorry if this pi$$es anyone off but three different times in the last week I was almost of top of someone before I saw them. All three times they were more in the road than on the shoulder. There were four teenage boys tonight walking down Dallas Nebo side-by-side. When they end up roadkill it will somehow end up being some drivers fault. Anyone has every right in the world to walk wherever they please at night but dang-it wear something so people can see you.
  9. Okay....HOW did yuu do the upside-down e? REALLY wish I could find an empty house,in a big subdivision,to use so I could give out candy SUNDAY NIGHT.
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