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  1. I do not know for sure but that is what I was thinking.
  2. Around 10:00 on 278 close to the court house a Fed Ex truck was on the side of the road with a blown out front tire and cops surrounding it with their guns drawn.
  3. I am going to keep looking.If I luck up and find some I will let you know. We can't get natural gas here, we have a propane tank which is very expensive.
  4. Thanks but I have got to have it delivered. There is several of us going in together to buy it.
  5. Does anyone know where I can get a trailer load of hardwood logs for firewood?
  6. I just left the area. It is pretty bad. You cannot get in because of downed trees. Praying for you and everyone affected tonight.
  7. My husband is an inspector at Lockheed and works on the C5 every day. The ones you see flying around now are the C5m (Super Galaxy). They are updating the planes with new engines and misc. other things. They are incredible airplanes and have broke numerous records for weight, distance, altitude and more. I had the honor of having a photo made of me sitting in the pilot seat of one a couple of years ago. That was an awesome experience.
  8. I have been doing alot of research on this the last couple of days and the side effects of this stuff are terrible. The worst being hallucinations(according to the SO). It was made illegal in Georgia in 2010. The bad thing is it can be ordered on the internet.
  9. OH YEAH!!!!!! How about them Bama Boys!!!!!!!!
  10. Half time---Bama 9-0 Roll Tide Roll!!!!!!!
  11. There was at least one other vehicle involved but all appeared to be okay.
  12. If anyone is coming down Buchannan Hwy, 2 miles past Roses store at Mud Green Rd there is a wreck. I suggest you detour if possible.
  13. Julio is the man!!! And there is Michael Turner! Go Falcons
  14. There was an attempted robbery at Dunkin Donuts
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