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  1. You must have been pretty close to me in line because I was there over 2.5 hours as well, and left there at 5:45. That was insanity! My kids will probably never want to vote when they are older after waiting today out with me!
  2. You are welcome! Hope your little one isn't too disappointed and ya'll can enjoy the day off.
  3. My 3 year old attends there. She doesn't go on Mondays, but I guess any students from the school get the call. You may want to check with Kristie to see what number she has for you in the Calling Post list.
  4. A calling post message went out around 8:00 tonight from the preschool... No school tomorrow. If Paulding closes schools the preschool will close as well. I am sure your teacher will reschedule the pj day. My girls love those days.
  5. No school tomorrow for Paulding per recorded message 770-443-8000
  6. Just called the BOE number and the message DOES say that schools are closed tomorrow, September 24.
  7. Has anyone heard anything about Hwy 92 headed into Douglas County? I can't find anything, anywhere.
  8. The Progressive Insurance spots with "Flo". Too many of them, and on too much!
  9. There were tons at Office Max on Sunday when we were there. And I only bought 1!
  10. I have had 2 of my girls at DFUMC CLC, and LOVE it. I think you made a great choice and will be very happy. Both the 4 year old class teachers are great, so you can't go wrong there. Just bare with the construction and all that is going on. The new education building is going to be great and will be worth the temporary inconveniences. We have 2 more years there and I am going to be so sad to leave.
  11. Do you know if they bring the kids in from the trailers during a lockdown?
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