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  1. I would like to take just a minute to say "THANK YOU"

    to all the men and women who serve me and this Great Nation in the services

    so that I may have freedom...

    We may not always agree in this life but We all have the freedom to speak out becouse of these men and women.

    Our children and grandchildren will have the same rights becouse of them.

    May God bless them and their families for the sarifice they are making for you and me...

    Never think the life you live or the choices you make only effect only you.

    Thank you again. :yahoo: :clapping: :good:

  2. Think about it.....

    Its Sunday morning... There is a big (or small) croud at a church. Every one has their best "BLING" on, money in their pockets cell phones, credit cards, check books, car keys etc.

    A group of 2-3 men walk in and pull guns and take EVERYTHING you have.

    Depending on what they take they could have accnt, nunbers I.D.'s and where you live.

    The prefect place to rob in mass numbers...I know a man that has "packed heat" in church for years.

    I say pass the bill. :clapping:

  3. They played "cripple creek" on the pickin and a grinnin segment of the show.




    Goin' up t' Cripple Creek, goin' on the run

    Goin' up t' Cripple Creek t' have a little fun

    Goin' up t' Cripple Creek, goin in a whirl

    Goin' up t' Cripple Creek t' see my girl



    I think we have a winner!!!!!

    I had it in my head too just couldnt get it out. :good:

    And my dad had a remote...it was called kids LOL


  4. My ex has one.... she loves it and has had no problems with it

    You are right stay away from the turbo's (hers isnt one)

    She has a stick shift, and it will out do a turbo!!!

    It handles like a sports car (holds the road well at high speeds) and has more room than you think inside.

    Not a bad "blind spot" you can see out the windows verry well.

    She loves it .... I think they are good cars.

    Good luck

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