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  1. The rust could have came form the tank that they brought you the water in....

    If not there are several ways this could happen

    If the Fire dept flushes the lines it takes the sedements in the pipes and "cherns" them up..

    If the lines are not fluched long enough the particals are then sent on down the lines.

    Flushing usely tahes at least 30- 45 min. per hydrent depending on the location.

  2. I traded with a local dealer (years ago) and even though they added the balance to the new car they NEVER paid off the old one I traded in.

    Long story ---short It took years to that mess fixed!!!

    I'll never deal local AGAIN! :angry2:

  3. I've got a back peice but I dont have a pict,

    It is from sholder to sholder and down to my waste.

    I had it for about 17 years or so....and I :wub: it.

    Illistrator did it before she came to Dallas.

    She is the =@

  4. we have direct tv also. sometimes if there is a heavy storm it may go out for a second. But it has never gone out for long. i like it

    I've had Direct for 7years now I think I've lost it 3 times(wasn't out long)

    Once it was a dish problem ...they were out the next day! love it....

  5. I've lived here for 42 years (seen a lot of change

    Worked here in the county for a total of about 26 years (seen even more change)

    LOVE IT !!! lower cost to get to work---Priceless :yahoo:

    not as many NUTZ to deal with getting to work---priceless :yahoo:

    would not change a thing! :wub:

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