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  1. Nothing...

    its just another day....Friday the 13th was broken for me...

    I know people say its bad luck...

    but my baby girl was born on Friday 13th and it was anything but bad luck...

    I havent been the best dad but she is a great gril...

    The only thing I could have ask for is more time to watch her grow up....

    love you baby girl!!!!

  2. Its people like this that gives riders a bad name.

    Not all riders are that CRAZY.. it may have been some snot nose kid with his 1st bike...so much for the training classes

    (anyone can pass a test!)

  3. Ok I just saw a chid about 7 or 8 years old riding on the back of a motorcycle. My husband got a ticket a few months back because our 4 year old ( almost 5 year old) was not sitting in a booster seat, but was buckled in a pickup truck. ( Just for the record I didn't know he didn't get the booster seat for him to sit in. We always make them sit in a booster). But how come it is against the law for him to ride buckled ( without a booster seat) but these other people ride them around on a motorcycle or even in the back of trucks and noone seems to care. I think at least in the truck he was buckled. This child and others I see on motorcycles have no protection except a helmet.... Help me out here am I wrong or shoud this be illegal... Or is it and they just are not getting caught... My husband had to pay $50.00 fine just because for his age and height he should have been in a booster seat...

    Yes in Georgia there is a law about a passenger on a bike (not sure on the age though)

  4. Tbar,

    The point of your thread is, I assume, It CAN be done. I have mentioned on here before how impressed I have been with the Peugeots, Citrons, VWs, and other European high performance turbo diesels which drive like and respond on the road like our gas engines, but which can reach 60, 70 and 80 MILES per gallon. While we are cruising around in our gas hogs which get 18, down hill, with a tail wind, and don't have the speed and performance of these European cars.


    Why is Detroit so anti-efficiency, and why can't we buy these high fuel milage cars here ?\

    Just does not make sense to me......


    He who has the GOLD makes the rules

    Rember "Black Gold Texas Tea"? :rofl:

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