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  1. I have several friends who drive OTR and they love it!

    They are some places (north) they dont like to go but its becoure the roads are small and un-forgivivg to big trucks, sometimes they may have to block a lane to get the truck unloaded...so you will hear a few names!!!!!



    ESPN has chosen the city of Valdosta as it's new Title-Town Winner! This is the first year that this title has been given out officially!


    Valdosta went up against 20 huge Cities. They beat out Boston, Gainesville, Green Bay, Chicago etc...


    I voted a bunch of times. Did any of you all vote?


    My daughter goes to Valdosta State University and she is soooo excited!!!! They are definitely on the map now! :yahoo:


    Oops, I just realized that I am logged in under my daughter!



    Thats great my daughter goes there also this is he 2nd year!

  3. WT,in some ways I agree...

    None of us say it enough..Thank God,It could be worse

    Its time America Blessed God...I think God has blessed America more than we know.

    We have overcome alot of oppersions,trails,heartbreaks..

    Men and Women fight for this each and every day...

    so that we all can speak our minds..freedom...your right Thank God

    I hope as the new person comes into office..God blesses him too

    To lead this great nation back to being a world leader not just a nation that the world depends on to bail them out of their troubles

  4. Racist????? Now how in the world is it racist? Redneck maybe, not racist. I love to put camo pants on my little one, and I'm FAR from racists. Give me a break!!!!! angry-smiley-054.gif

    Realy it goes with anything????

    black, light green,darkgreen, brown,tan...maybe it so it will be easier to see thwe ones cutting class in the woods :rofl:

  5. I've been there a couple of times and always enjoyed it.

    They have had kids try to set fires in the rest rooms after the park has closed but they havent done a good job...yet

    It sad when snot nosed PUNKS do things like this!!!!!!

    I hope they catch them and hit them with everything they can!!!!

  6. :ninja: The whole "not kissing her until they are married" thing won't last past the "she's got cooties" stage. Just wait until those hormones kick in! :lol: :ninja:

    I told MC that she was going to have her hands full...

    Wait till he learns how to use those eyes.. :yahoo:

    Mc you may need a friend when he finds that out :wacko: :drinks:

  7. Mine's at GA Farm Bureau. I know I have at least one ticket on my record.

    I've been with Farm Bureau from the time I was 16....Im now well over 16(lol)... Love it..

    I have shopped around and you can't touch their prices!

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