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  1. A recent study found the average American walks about

    900 miles a year.


    Another study found Americans drink, on average, 22

    gallons of alcohol a year.


    That means, on average, Americans get about 41

    miles to the gallon.


    We're good! Makes You Proud To Be An American. :drinks:


    LOL got this e-mail and had to share..with the GAS crunch and all

  2. Its nice to hear something like this CC :good:

    Its always easy to bash people when you have a problem and they dont tell you what you want to hear.,

    and all they are doing is their JOB.

    They take hundreds of calls each day at offices across the county each day.

    Just like you said attitude is everything when someone has an attitude with you its easy to get one back.



    Remember....you can catch more flies with honey 8)

  3. Riverside Inn I got the number at home but I'm at work...

    A nice place but kinda expensive is Whispering Pines-they have a pool, lazy river, hot tub

    Thats the only place I've stayed in about 7 years..

    Good luck and enjoy your trip!

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