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  1. I sold my bike about 11/2 years ago when I got laid off... getting it back together now and I'm looking for one 88-96 or so Can any one help?
  2. Thats my fav. thing about this time of year.... when my wife gets into her boots!!!!
  3. the fireworks are unreal.....l plan to be there
  4. This breaks my heart......Prayers said for all It also hard on the FF"s (lets not forget them)
  5. Sorry for your loss LR May God be with you in your time of need
  6. I'm sorry to hear this! just know you didn't loose him ,you KNOW where he is ! my thoughts and prayers are with you all hwood
  7. I've known Miss Dot almost all my life .She was a great woman and friend to all who knew her.She was never in to much of a rush to stop and talk to anyone she knew. What a shock when I got the news last night of her passing,My thoughts and prayers are with this family.
  8. this is one of the oldest if not the oldest church in the county I know it has the oldest graves in paulding
  9. I'm not saying they don't Its just like the 3rd bad wreck this morning thats all
  10. Good Lord,what is it today?? everyone forget how to drive??? This time prayers said for anyone who is on the highways today.
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