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  1. If bicycles are impedding traffic, they should receive a traffic citation just like a car would. This doesn't happen.

    A person out for excercise (a joy ride) should choose roads that are not so congested or not ride at rush hour.

    To me the bumper stickers that say: SAME ROAD SAME RULES SAME RIGHT, Make me want to run them off the road.

    They do not have to have a license, buy a tag or pay tax. It is NOT the same rules and they put themselves at risk sometimes with the way they try to keep cars from passing them.



    OK, let the fireworks begin!!!! :D

    :yahoo: :rofl: :rofl:

  2. He will stop when you stop bailing him out. No way would I have taken it up there..


    Sometimes we do to much for our kids and it hurts them in the long run...they have to learn .

    I think you did the right thing

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