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  1. Everyone please say a little prayer for our daughter. A year ago she was diagnosed with a hole in the heart (I posted a topic about it then and got some very positive feedback :) ). Anyway, they told me to come back a year later and check on it again to see if it has closed up on it's own, that appt. is tomorrow. Please just keep her in your prayers that all is well and no surgery will be needed. Thank you guys!!



    Prayer said, any news jet?

    Looking for that GREAT report we've all ask for.

  2. ya'll are all cracking me up!!! :lol: I am w/ BDub, I just step back and bump all into them!!! hee hee.... Eventually, they will get the clue....if not, then i will make sure I bring pain the next time!!! :D


    A lot of the times I just use my shopping cart to space yourself out

  3. By calling yourself a Christian, are you expected to overlook every slight against you and your friends? Are you expected to be 'above' everyone else, turn the other cheek repeatedly? Not defend yourself because if you do, you will be considered 'un-Christianlike?


    Christ said Be angry but sin not.. you can and will get mad its how you express it that counts

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