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  1. Some just want to troll and stir the pot. That's no way to act.
  2. If all you're going to do is be negative, go somewhere that welcomes that. Here are some posters who were banned before and managed to begin posting again and every single post has been negative and hostile. That is not tolerated. Be decent. Be kind. That is what we want and if you can't do that, your posting privileges won't continue.
  3. Thank you for checking out paulding.com! The admin is trying to learn the board and they are doing a lot of things to test things and learn how it all works. This filter has been operational for the last several days because the name of Truwp gets use a lot and that means many things can tested. One moderator was supposed to change it back last week after the initial test but forgot. Now that people know the filter is on here and try to use the name Truwp, it gives the admin a lot things to test. This was not meant to be unfair in anyway. It was a mistake to not fix it back but now it is a hug
  4. I made several posts go POOF because they just weren't right for Mayberry! Behave people!
  5. I just added a few password protected forums that I had overlooked before.
  6. Sorry JSBoss but I had to remove the full article due to Paulding.com Rule #3: 3. If you want to share a news article with everyone, please be sure to post a link to the article and either paraphrase parts of it or quote only small sections directly. Please don't post articles in their entirety (don't cut and paste them into your post). This is for legal purposes (because we don't want to get in trouble over copyright issues). Quoting an entire article or not giving a link for reference may result in the post being removed and or the member warned, sanctioned, suspended or removed.
  7. [flash=728,304]http://www.paulding.com/directory/images/dir/marotti.swf
  8. Bea, you are so right. One our "Finest Deputies" is making us look like we've got more white trash than a dumpster behind a paper plate factory. Bobby Jo should be embarrassed!
  9. I've got a reputation to uphold unlike you evidently. Hussy.
  10. PM sent. You were given a bullet for "Continuous personal attacks against another member", the 21-day suspension was because of your bullet count. Unfortunately, by posting this thread, you have broken another rule. Public complaints of moderation ... It is almost inevitable that those who break the rules will end up playing victim and complain about their 'shabby treatment.' As the Pcom popo are directed not to discuss moderation acts in public, the decision to make a complaint public lies solely with the person complaining. As this allows the perpetrator the opportunity to tel
  11. Oh my! I think I just tore a wrinkle from laughing too hard!
  12. Thank you sugar! My car is Look'n Good!
  13. I'm not very knowledgeable about all of the fancy bells and whistles that have been added to the forum software, however, I have made some observations. Based on what I can see, each post has a Reputation score that is a balanced scale of how many other members voted up versus how many members voted down. This Reputation gives you an idea of how well the post was received by other members. I recently became aware that each member has a Reputation score that is visible to moderators on the page where we give Bullets and Mayberries. However, I am not sure if this number is the total numb
  14. I just now moved the post to the Animal House forum. You can find your prior posts by clicking on next to your name and then clicking on
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