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  1. I'd like to know how to completely delete my account? I can't find a place to do it.
  2. So this is a business member email spamming members? Nice.
  3. I have received three separate emails in the last three hours from Paulding.com telling me to text GRASS to 21000. I unsubscribed when the first one came in but I've received two more. How can I get this to stop? I don't know what this is, if it's SPAM. If it's legitimate. I do know I don't like it.
  4. Thank you for the great referrals. I am humbled. fasn8nmom feel free to call me at your convenience, 770-324-6995 or email mark@yourrealtyga.com. Thanks again, y'all C. Mark Palm, Qualifying Broker/CEO Your Realty Company, Inc. 770-324-6995 mobile yourrealtyga.com
  5. The building was about half torn down earlier this week so I assume the zoning changed passed.
  6. I am not here much anymore. Life is busy, work is busy and I have limited time for my social media outlets. I wanted to say how grateful I am for these endorsements. It is my great pleasure to help people realize a dream. You all are very kind. Thank you!
  7. This is a nightmare to read. How about just posting winners.
  8. The final episode of M.A.S.H. is what I think you're getting at. However, that aired on 2/28/83.
  9. From my friend Chad Darnell. This is exactly how I feel about this situation. http://chaddarnell.typepad.com/runchadrun2/2014/03/in-defense-of-fred-phelps.html
  10. Cato's Interior Trim is amazing. David does the best work in the area. He's so good his work is sought after in other states.
  11. So I'm guessing that the latest restaurant in Yorkville isn't reopening. The sign had a reopen date for the middle of October. Nothing has happened. I really wish something decent could make it there.
  12. I have a six foot folding table and a really ratty card table you can use. You can pick them up from my office in Hiram tomorrow. Call me to confirm. You have my number.
  13. Same for me and I'm in Polk County. Seven miles from where high speed is available. We had an early version of Hughes Net. It was awful. Latent upload and download. We were allowed less than a cd's worth of download in a rolling 24 hour period. Then they dropped you to below dial up speed for 24 hours if you exceeded it. One YouTube video would kill you. It was $75/month for that crap. We tether to our cell phones now. It's not great, but it works in a pinch.
  14. I was thinking about y'all yesterday. I hope you're well.
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