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  1. Johnny, So sorry to hear about Darlene. My thoughts are with you and your family. You know you can call anytime
  2. Sorry to hear about your mom Nicholas. My thoughts are with you.
  3. Where is he now and where is he trying to go? Scoggins will take you to 120
  4. Pubby has my pics and video's. I'm not sure of the exact address, I went down McGarity and made left onto what I assume is Mud Green Rd. The house was a total loss but on a good note , there was no one home at the time. I was told a young couple in their 30's lived there. They did not have children and the male was on his way back home from work. The Captain of the Fire Department was going to call the Red Cross for them.
  5. The house is a total loss. There was no one home at the time. Pubby will have story and pictures later.
  6. There is one confirmed fatality in this wreck. He is a young man from the area and I am told 23 years old. He was the passenger in the pick up truck that my neighbor was driving. His family could really use some prayers. My neighbor was in surgery most of the night and is now doing well. He has not been told of this fatality yet. He keeps asking but the doc's want to wait a bit more. He will truly be devastated. Please also keep him and his family in your prayers. I do not know how the other two are doing but I hope and pray that they will pull through.
  7. One of my neighbors was involved in this accident. He was the driver of one of the vehicles. Currently he is extremely critical in Grady Hospital which is where I am heading in a few minutes. The extent of his injuries are still not known as they have been trying to keep him stabilized and have just finished xraying him. What we do know is that his leg is crushed, fx ribs and many internal injuries. I ask you all to pray for this family. They are good and decent people who are from Maryland (only one elderly sister here) and have been run through the ringer these past few years. His wif
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