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  1. If anyone else knows anyone, I'd be super appreciative. Thanks!
  2. I took up tennis a few months ago and I'm self-teaching (bad idea). I can't really afford the prices most coaches ask for one-on-one coaching. I'm looking for someone to help me improve my basics. Even if it's just someone with extended experience who might spend an hour or two a week with me in return for lunch or a few extra bucks in their pocket. Anyone know of anyone? (P.S. Yes, I've checked into group lessons and such, but prefer one on one.)
  3. I'm still on there, but everything is pretty lame, and still costs $10 even with points. Ugh.
  4. I won't judge! There's nothing wrong with Pong.
  5. If you like Ratchet and Clank, you'll wanna grab Knack for PS4 on day one. Have you seen the Final Fantasy XV trailer yet? Oh, lord. I check with GameStop every week to see if I can preorder it yet. TAKE MY MONEY.
  6. Glad some of you are finding it relevant! You Sony fans should send me a PM with you username and we'll hook up on PSN and play some games together when PS4 hits November 15. As a further shameless plug, make sure to bookmark us and check back. We post great content every day. (We also love guest writers if anyone's ever interested.)
  7. I'm not sure how many of you are keeping up with the big gaming stuff going on these days, but I'm an avid gamer myself, as well as editor-in-chief at Pixelvolt, a gaming website created last year as an avenue for thought-provoking gaming journalism. For those of you keeping up, I'm sure you all know the backlash Microsoft is suffering over the Xbox One, and the subsequent good press Sony is getting for the PS4. I, however, don't trust Microsoft as far as I can throw them (if that were possible to do). I wrote up the following piece in reference to an interview conducted with head honcho of Microsoft Studios, Phil Spencer. For the few of you around PCom who ARE gamers, I hope you enjoy the read. And for the rest of you, I'm sorry for getting in the way! http://pixelvolt.com/2013/08/21/so-phil-spencer-wants-a-two-way-conversation/
  8. Thanks a lot, GD! But how did you find all of those? I searched and couldn't find squat.
  9. Preparing to propose to my girlfriend within the next few months. She's expressed interest in avoiding the diamond hustle and wanting a moissanite ring. Are there any places between here and Atlanta that sell them? I seem to only be able to find information about them online, but can't find out if anyone actually carries them in stores. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. Been to two neurologists about my severe neurological symptoms, but now have really bad back pain. I'd like to see an orthopedic doctor who might help with a diagnosis. I need someone who will listen, spend time, and try to help me get to the bottom of it. Can anyone recommend someone?
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