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  1. Woo Hoo!! Thats awesome. You have some great deals
  2. cmdudley

    Blue Ridge

    Trout fishing its the best.
  3. Take Braswell mtn. Rd. to racoon creek rd. ( 1st road on left after you under the power line) about 1/2 mile You wil see the bridge & creek
  4. Congrats! He is so precious. I can't wait to see him. See yall in a couple days. Call me if they need anything I still have alot of baby items not just clothes,
  5. <br /><br /><br /> How Much? Can you list the games? TIA
  6. My heart goes out to the wonderful family. They are in my thoughts & prayers.
  7. Spicy tuna roll, Cartersville roll ( from okinawa on Tenn. St.behind fuddruckers) cucumber roll & don't forget the spicy mayo sauce!
  8. I had my youngest son @ 92 & 278 in the blockbuster/chick-fil-a parking lot. Glad to hear everyone is doing great!
  9. Good Morning! Everyone be careful out this morning! Have a happy and safe HUMP day!
  10. I have a few of the movies some dvd some vhs. PM me if you would like them.
  11. My heart is broken for my best friend. Their are no words I can say to help. I can not imagine their pain. My thoughts and prayers are with Windy, Barry and their families. I love you all. RIP Cash
  12. I will mostly be in Hiram I will pm you my cell #
  13. Hey Girl! I want the orange/white gloves, red/black gloves, black and white hats. I will be out running errands all day tomorrow so let me know what time I can come pick them up. Thanks
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