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  1. We are still here!!!! Christmas is just around the corner. Buy* Sell* Trade Lots of new car audio in stock.....at blowout prices! Computer sales and repairs! Digital cameras, Tv's,DVD's, Game Systems & much more!!! Still buying your used items....PS3, xbox360, laptops, blu-rays and anything else interesting!!!!!
  2. Thank you for the kind words.......glad to be sticking around!!!
  3. After all was said and done the move has been cancelled. I have bought another house in Paulding County and plan to stay....... Christmas inventory is arriving and we are going at it full force!!!! Guess you could call it a Grand re-opening......even thought we never closed... We will remain the same with buy, sell and trade!!!!!
  4. They are moving to Hiram!!!
  5. Now I am happy....thought I was gonna have to sleep on the floor!!!
  6. Could have been a lot more interesting :ninja: Yes I am still mad........I am sure I will get over it soon!!!
  7. And to think I thought all of this was about having lunch with me!!!!!
  8. being a person totally terrified of spiders, I must admit if the spider had to stay I would have to leave!!!! Tinkle in the dark with a spider in the room.....I think not!!! Sorry for your loss!!!!!
  9. Thank you, thank you , thank you.......for the laugh!!!!
  10. Thank you for coming in!!!! We appreciate the purchases that you have made and hope that you will have some happy folks at Christmas!!!!
  11. Our store is closing and movimg out of state, so we are selling these items!
  12. I am not there on a regular basis....as I recall we do have 1 board left, mics, couple of amps (although I am not sure of Joe wants to get rid of them). Your best bet would be to go by!!!
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