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  1. Has anyone tried the hot dog place up 61 in the old BBQ hut?
  2. My printer died and I have a #22 color printer cartridge to give someone. PM me if you want it.
  3. I left you a phone message but never heard back. 770-365-7755
  4. Bed Bath & Beyond has coffee for the vue, also.
  5. Someone please remove the negative! I wanted to give her a +.
  6. This is why I will never hire you for odd jobs that you reply to. This is NOT funny.
  7. Yes! I haven't ever used bacon, but I will now!
  8. Minute Clinic. Sounds like allergies to me.
  9. I second that! Subby is the best! He got my mower running again last week and also took care of a problem that another person (contractor) left me with. You can't ask for a better person to work on your equipment!
  10. My brother did it, my BFF did it. They both say don't do it. One friend, who did it, actually did ok and loved her car. She ended up buying it.
  11. My son told me today that the Goodwill in Alpharetta has nice furniture...
  12. Seriously? A button? Take it to any cleaners that does alterations. Do you know anyone who sews?
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