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  1. That's us...3 strikes you're out...
  2. Today this family has lost a great man, I've known this man since I was all of 2 years old and loved him with all my heart. I was his "Blondie" & he was just simply my "Paul". Although I haven't visited him in a few years my heart is broken and hurts even more for his awesome family. All I can do is pray for peace and comfort to the people he has left behind. <3 RIP Paul.
  3. Ronismom

    Johnny J

    RIP Johnny J! My prayers are with the family.
  4. Another of her students here. RIP Mrs. Veal.
  5. RIP Nancy. No more pain, God's perfect healing. You will be missed by many here for sure and lots of prayers for peace and strength for you family & loved ones.
  6. Even though it was not outright stated, family is the reason I was laid off almost a yr ago...I had to be out with my daughter. Without a doubt family first, I was a wife and mother before I was their employee.
  7. These are absolutely hands down the best EVER :drool:
  8. I've lived here for 36 of my 38years of living and so much has changed over the past 20 sad really
  9. We have a live tree this year...couldn't find a pretty fake one that didn't cost a gazillion dollars. We got our last one for 85 bucks, regular price, 8 years ago...very full and pretty and pre-lit with multi color lights...I guess a little over 10 bucks per year wasn't bad, but to pay over 200 bucks for the same size and quality is a tad ridiculous.
  10. Mini me's tree is up...the big tree has some issues...may need to replace it this year.
  11. I grew up right down the street from her in New Hope and then later worked with her at Grands on Bobo before they built the big one. I have lots of fond memories hanging around Ms. Betty all those years. Super sweet lady for sure.
  12. RIP Ms. Betty, you will be missed by many. Prayers for your family.
  13. Homemade chicken and rice soup.
  14. Hamburger steak, mac & cheese wif broccoli.
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