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  1. Yes there gardens are pretty! And they really put alot of time into there scarecrow
  2. Yum that sounds good too! I bet yall cant tell im hungry
  3. You would never know I have any tattoos They are all covered up unless im in a bathing suit or in flipflops
  4. My friend got her snug done and she said it was really painful! Mine was really really painful and I heard the crunch then the needle went through both times! Ick! I was going to get the 3 piercing on the top of the ear thats actually what I went for but the piercer said that the pic must have been photoshoped because there isnt enough skin there for 3 dermals. Then I thought about getting 2 dermals up and down on the back of my neck but decided to do the industrial. My nose and belly button was the easiest piercings how was your nose copschick? I am a stay at home mother, I choose t
  5. Check it out next time! Its reallllly cool looking!
  6. Yumm love some burgeres on the grill and its perfect weather for grillin out! I loved Pollo Loco! Enjoy your chicken!
  7. Really, they said no soap clean it with saline. Im gonna try the soap! Thanks chick!
  8. Yes please do! It looks so neat! Kinda like they are living off the land lol.
  9. I like it and have been wanting it done forever just to chicken to do it... now I understand why I was chicken! It was the worst piercing I have EVER had! Yes Tylenol is helping alot and I just looked at my piercing paper and it says 4-6 weeks What was I thinking! haha!
  10. My son is just now getting over a cold that he had for weeks! I called his doctor and they told me the same thing... it will go away in 10-14 days but it was goning on 4 weeks! So I took him in yesterday and he gave Rylan an antibiotic hes already dried up this morning! It helps TONS! Good luck with battling this stupid weather and the cold. Hope yall get some good rest soon!
  11. No we dont have to watch our blood sugar.... not as of now anyways . The ham sounds sooo good I love terriyaki sauce! I dont like any seafood though My hubby loves it I show the recipe to him
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