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  1. I read a BK also but dont remember where.
  2. Chick-fil-A employees said it is going to be additional parking
  3. Dr Charles Ho did mine at marietta eye clinic also .I have 20/15 vision after
  4. per ajc article ,,the fired officer had numerous instant job offers and was hired a county over
  5. HI does anyone have recommendations of some one to load/haul trees off I am having them cut down today. its quite a lot 17 very tall pines would be quite a few dump loads for sure . im in the city of Dallas so it could be hauled to the inert landfill close by
  6. My State Farm auto has risen tremendously but not the homeowners..25 years no claim with them ..time to shop for sure
  7. largest state by population 3rd in size
  8. Yes Downtown Dallas is going to have a Johnnie Maccrackens pub/brewery ..they have been working on it for a few months they installed signs last week
  9. DRS

    Eye surgery

    Dr Ho did my surgery there and with no glasses I have 20/15 vision
  10. Oh, and here is another real fact! a village in kenya is missing its idiot but pcom still has one
  11. The News last night stated 9.99 was industry standard showing of out of gas.. but ya never know !!!!
  12. Truthfully the Donald is scary but the odds are better for him than that lying sick skank she will get out voted about as much as pubby did but by the thousands and thousands to one
  13. ITs Only 80 degrees even there not 90s
  14. Don't know but a friend said over 10 sheriff cars passed him on Bill carruth headed that way around 5pm
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