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  1. We used superior stump and tree removal. They were great! https://www.facebook.com/SuperiorStumpRemoval/
  2. Sorry- I have it in my topic- bill carruth- but I should have been more specific. On Bill Carruth near the GSP office.
  3. Sorry- I was on Bill Carruth near the GSP office.
  4. Came through about 3:30 and there were at least 12-15 police cars just lined up one after the other and several out of their cars with radar guns. Was this some kind of exercise or training?
  5. I think so. The one closest to the street is near a power line but they should be able just to fall across the front yard without anything obstructing them.
  6. Thank y'all. We will probably have someone cut them down. Does anyone have any idea how much we are looking at?
  7. I have 3 huge bradford pear trees taken down and hauled away. Can anyone give me an idea of how much that might cost and who you recommend. Thanks!
  8. Is it completely white? I know there are a lot of signs around the ridge rd/61 area regarding a lost dog. but i think theirs is a pekignese- so probably not the same dog.
  9. Dr Prosser in Austell. My daughter saw him from the time she was 3 until she was 18 when he finally told her she was too old for him to see her anymore. I think she would still be going there if he would still see her. lol
  10. My son in law is a certified welder and is trying to get some extra work. He has equipment at his home to do the work. If you are interested or in need of a welder please message me and I will get his information to you. Thank you! Hey, Just putting a feeler out there. Trying to drum up a small amount of business for welding. If anyone needs some light welding/ light fabrication please keep me in mind. I am set up mostly for TIG work, Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, but can do some light Stick, and MIG. Please PM me if you have any questions and please send people my way, Thank yo
  11. You're probably right. It is just way too close for comfort! They said they did take some of the victims to the hospital and the shooter cornered in a house. So, hopefully, this will come to an end soon!
  12. I saw that. Maybe I didn't hear it right- but did they say they saw the ambulance taking someone to the helicopter?
  13. That's a good question! Maybe since they don't know exactly where he is they don't want to chance him taking someone hostage? That's all I can think of- but I honestly have no idea!
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