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  1. Why are they on public right of way and not on subdivisions. It could be that they are counters and not readers. Wonder who is paying the bill,,,, is it tax money?
  2. I also Love my county but I don’t know how to get an emoji to this post
  3. I can’t find the settings and current topics.
  4. Was there tonight and we will definitely be going there again,,,and Ashlee was a great server
  5. It feels good to me, for being the third week of August.
  6. Yes it is...I have had one for seven years or more and use it all year. It takes a little bit to learn how to use it but once you get the hang of it it is great to have
  7. It may come down to where you get your mail.
  8. CCR-------there's a bathroom on the right. Just one of many.
  9. Gas at Racetrack in Hiram was 2.75 this afternoon, ridge road Kroger was 2.59.
  10. Google Graves' disease, it will help you understand.
  11. I have a Weber and a BGE but I really like and use my Traeger pellet smoker more than the other two. If you are interested check out their web site or Ace Hardware in D'ville. great foks there .
  12. It was for a repair of a previous repair by the water dept.
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