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  1. There are different types of Public Private Partnerships, which are people opposed too? I doubt it seriously as a majority would be over 45,000. I doubt even half of them know we have an airport authority.
  2. I knew you meant Post 4...just have to keep you on your toes.
  3. FACT: The City of Atlanta released an RFP in June 2015 for "ON-CALL COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE CONSULTANT SERVICES" for the "...creation and implementation of a DAP (Development Action Plan) for various airport-owned land tracts including....9,400± acres of land in Paulding County." Question: Do you understand the size of 9,400+/- acres of land? Answer: 14.68 Square Miles. To put that in perspective it's double the size of Dallas and Hiram combined. If developed and incorporated it would become the 44th largest city in GA just ahead of Griffin and others like...Villa Rica, Statesboro, Dunwoody, Lawrenceville, Woodstock, Kennesaw and Acworth. You get the picture...its HUGE!!! Folks change is coming.
  4. Another completely FALSE statement. As I have said I can show the origins of all my statements. I was very clear when I was stating my opinion.
  5. Silver Comet Field at Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport
  6. I notice you didn't tell the viewer who is circulating this e-mail. They must want to remain secret and stay behind closed doors. If this individuals cares I can send them exactly where my speech FACTS come from. I was very clear when I was speaking facts and when I was speaking opinion. I can also point out where some anti commercialization individuals where not speaking the truth, which in turn makes a claim in this letter false.
  7. Thanks for your apology. I appreciate it. It says a lot about you as a person to do so. I have no hard feelings at all. This is a chat board, you don't know me and I don't know you, sometimes emotions can get the best of us. I know they have for me on an occasion or two. Thanks again. God Bless and be sure to give thanks for living in the best country in the world...The United States of America.
  8. I have no reason to ignore you. You are the one getting flustered. Feel.free to place me on ignore as you think I'm a "moron"
  9. You said you wished "all the JR high crap would stop" I asked you to define "all" to which you gave me links to the definition and posted a definition you found which stated "the whole amount, quantity or extent." When I basically agree with you and say I'm glad to see you want the plaintiffs to drop their lawsuits you are quick to basically say no their lawsuits are ok...it's the other JR high crap you want stopped. In other words you don't want "all" of them stopped. You only want those you disagree with stopped. Personally, I don't think this is JR. High crap. This is clearly post graduate level "crap"
  10. Glad to see you would like the plaintiffs to drop their lawsuits against the county. Especially since some of them don't know who's paying for their lawyers.
  11. Even if they didn't at the time...they do now under the Intergovernmental Contract. Simply resubmit.
  12. Whitney I used to work near there...I don't need a tour. Your premise has been that commercial airports leads to bad education...if that's true as you claim it doesn't matter if it's a public or private school. The airport and planes don't know if it's a public or private school.
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