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  1. Caleb baked big muffins made with fat, ripe blueberries or filled with cream cheese. Perfect with a cup of coffee.
  2. Cupcakes we will have today: Champagne Cupcakes-moist white cupcakes made with real champagne, iced with champagne buttercream. Smores Cupcake- chocolate cupcakes with grapham cracker and marshamllow fluff. like sitting at a campfire, but without the burnt marshmallows. lol. Neil's Cinnamon Girl-yellow cupcake filled with a sweet and spicy cinnamon sauce, iced with buttercream and rolled in cinnamon cookie crumbs. Triple Chocolate Persuasion-Rich chocolate cupcake, iced in our own chocolate buttercream and topped with chocolate curls. A Piece of My Heart-Red Velvet cupcake
  3. Will certainly pray and send all the good vibes I got her way. Poor girl. I know it can be painful and she is so young.
  4. Cupcakes we will have today- Whiter Shade of Pale-yellow cupcake filled with white chocolate sauce, topped with buttercream, white chocolate chips and a drizzle of white chocolate sauce Neil's Cinnamon Girl-yellow cupcake filled with a sweet and spicy cinnamon sauce, iced with buttercream and rolled in cinnamon cookie crumbs. Triple Chocolate Persuasion-Rich chocolate cupcake, iced in our own chocolate buttercream and topped with chocolate curls. A Piece of My Heart-Red Velvet cupcake topped with our delicious cream cheese frosting and a tiny red heart! What's Up Doc! Mois
  5. I have never seen the movie, but I loved the book. I read it when my son had to for high school! lol
  6. It is wedding cake day at the bakery! Actually Aliya will have done 3 wedding cakes in 3 days by today's end. Yay!!! She makes beautiful wedding cakes! Caleb and I will be filling up the case with fresh baked cookies and cupcakes and other treats! Oh, I made some Chicken and Mushoom Pies for todays lunch. They are $3.95. Chicken breast, fresh mushrooms in a creamy sauce baked into a flaky puff pastry. They are yummy! We also have Scottish Sausage Rolls, Ham & Swiss Croissants, and Turkey Lurkeys! ($3.00 each) And of course, Spinach Ricotta baskets. $2.75 each) We'll be open f
  7. I am working on a menu/price list. But I can tell you our cookies are .75 or 3/2.00 or 1.00 or 3/2.50. Cupcakes are mostly $1.50 each or a dozen for $16.00. Cakes start at 20.00 and go up according to size and decoration. Caleb's Cola Cake is $1.00 a piece. donuts are .75 each or 3/2.00. Cinnamon Rolls and Sticky buns are $1.50 each. Pecan Baklava is $1.25 each. Brownies are $1.50 each. Hope this helps!
  8. We've been making our homemade cookies, and the smell of Chocolate Chip, Reeses Chip, Sweet&Salty Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin, Thumbprint, Sugar, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, M&M and Rockin' Recovery Cookies is wonderful! But then, I love good, homemade cookies! They have a flavor and texture you just can't get out of a bag or box at the grocery store. Stop by and try one, or two, or a dozen today! lol. Flour Child Cakery 6129 Ridge Road Hiram, Ga 404-936-9789
  9. Need Thanksgiving cupcakes or cookies for you child's class or other events? We would love to make them special for you and have "by the dozen pricing." We also have lots of fresh baked cupcakes, cookies, sandwiches and other goodies in the case today. Oh, and the BEST almond croissants. They are amazing, but then, I love almonds. They are so light, and crispy, with just the perfect amount of almond filling, drizzled with a hint of icing and sliced almonds. Please come buy them so I won't eat them! lol.
  10. We are located at 6129 Ridge Road in Hiram. Our phone number is 404-936-9789. Cake slices sold so well today we will be doing it again tomorrow! And, I know it sounds like bragging, but honestly, I make the best coconut cream cake ever! lol thanks gaheart! goo balls?
  11. We have had many requests for us to sell cake by the slice instead of only cupcakes, soooo, today we will have fresh coconut cream cake, Strawberry Fields forever cake, and good old fashioned chocolate cake by the slice. Stop by and get one, we open at 11!
  12. I am trying to keep at least 1 sugar free item in the case, and you can special order them. We can do cupcakes, whoopie pies, and cakes right now.
  13. MOMof2-so glad you loved your cupcakes! Lowrider-we are at 6129 Ridge Road, in a building that housed a bakery previously. You just go down Ridge Road until you see a white building with a big peace sign painted on the front. lol
  14. We are working on a gluten free menu of items that we feel we can do properly. Right now it is by special order only. I will post the menu when I get it made. that is certainly "do-able." lol
  15. Celebrate time change Saturday by stopping in at the bakery and getting something yummy! Caleb made mini cheesecakes, which are always amazing and we have a variety of cupcakes including A Whiter Shade of Pale-a vanilla cupcake filled with white chocolate cream, topped with buttercream, white choc chips and a drizzle of white choc cream.
  16. Stop by today for our special, one of Pete's delicious Scottish Sausage Rolls, served with pasta salad and a pickle, with your choice of cupcake or brownie for dessert for only $5.95! We will be here from 11-7! And if you need a cake, we would love to make it for you!
  17. I am so sorry we ran out before you got one! We will bake more in the morning! They are soooo good on the croissants! And our croissants are trans fat free! We have chocolate cupcakes, cream filling and icing, so.... lol. I have never heard of them. I will have to look them up. Pete (my Scottish baker) made Scottish Sausage Rolls today and OMG! They are so good! Someone had just come in and bought the last 2. We didn't know how many of each to bake, since this was the first day. Now we know a bit better. lol We have whole pies, and fried Sweet Potato Pies.
  18. We have been open since Saturday and are AMAZED at just how wonderful people in this county can be! we have had so many people coming in and telling us how great the bakery looks and how warm and inviting it is. And how good our products are! (Of course, lol). But what really amazes us is how things just keep happening to improve the bakery and how generous people can be. We just got the parking lot redone yesterday from a wonderful man I just happened to meet in line at the grocery store who did it for next to nothing. And that is just one example. There have been many, many other things. So,
  19. thanks! lol. It has been a lot of hard work, we are just happy to be baking instead of painting, cleaning and fixing things. lol
  21. and I will 3rd it. lol.Maybelline Unstoppable. I have tried them all, expensive or cheap, and this one his the best for not smearing for me.
  22. We have been planning and hoping to open this Thursday, but some things just can't be rushed. lol. Looks like it will be at least Friday or maybe even Saturday before we can open. We sincerely apologize, but it is beyond our control. If you have ordered a cake from us, don't worry, it will be ready at your arranged time. We will be licensed and legal, so no worries there. Thanks to all for being patient with us, it WILL be worth the wait. lol
  23. Bless your heart. I have no words of advice, just a sincere hope that your grief and pain can be somehow bearable. I tell my kids all the time that I don't think i could live if something were to happen to them, and they both tell me that they would want me to get out and LIVE, not dwell on missing them. I bet your son would feel the same way. {{{hugs}}}
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