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  1. Thanks to those of you for the kind words and amazing support! We had our best week yet last week and know it is because people like you are spreading the word and coming in yourselves. We feel there is enough people in the area to support all of the bakeries in the county. We know Bumblebee has some good things, because we helped develop the menu for them when we opened Bumblebee and I believe they are still using a lot of those same recipes and techniques. Because of that, "some things" are the same in their bakery and ours. Also, some things are very different. We worked really hard helpin
  2. We just made a batch of incredibly good smelling peanut butter cupcakes, should I ice them with chocolate icing, or peanut butter buttercream? Which do you like best?
  3. There is Cumberland Island in South Georgia, and the Okefenokee Swamp. Wild Adventures in Valdosta. (I think)
  4. We don't have a website yet, but do have a facebook page with lots of pictures on it. https://www.facebook.com/FlourChildCakery Thanks for all the comments. And we really are not trying to offend anyone, Agent Orange cupcakes are selling like crazy, though. I guess good taste is winning out over a bad name. lol
  5. So sorry if it bothered you. We name all of our cupcakes after songs or bands. A group called Agent Orange has a version of the Get Smart theme and Depeche Mode did a beautiful instrumental called Agent Orange http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHxiaxV8QOM&feature=related. I was thinking more "secret agent" since it is a rich chocolate cupcake infused with orange. We also entertained the names Clockwork Orange and Orange Blossom Special, but neither seemed to fit, Will do!
  6. It is so nice of you to let us know! Hope the birthday boy was happy! lol You know, I was thinking today that we needed to make some Peanut Butter cupcakes! So glad the cake was a hit!
  7. Come check out our new cupcakes: AGENT ORANGE-a chocolate cupcake infused with natural orange flavor, filled and topped with a light orange buttercream with a swirl of chocolate ganache on top! aaaannnnnd PINK Is MY FAVORITE COLOR-a bright pink cupcake made with buttermilk, topped with pink icing and rolled in pink sugar. Topped with a pink fondant flower! We sold out of French Onion soup yesterday, but will have homemade beef vegetable today! And our delicious sandwiches! Oh, and Scottish Pete made a big batch of his SAUSAGE ROLLS!
  8. After going to a couple of bridal shows last year, I know what you mean! Some have gimmicks to get your information, but don't give you any idea of what their prices are. And some of the cakes were beautiful, but when I tasted the samples I was appalled! I hate to see people taken advantage of, and some vendors know that people will spend more on their wedding and WILL mislead. Like you said, organize and watch out! And enjoy. I love going to the shows. lol. But then, I love anything to do with weddings.
  9. 31 views and not 1 reply. lol. What kind of soups and sandwiches would youa ll like for us to have? And any special "goodie" you crave?
  10. Have you ever noticed how many people say "yer" instead of "your?" I even catch myself doing it occasionally.
  11. Let's see, including you that is one person I know who thinks she is. haha. I would post a pic but I don't know how to on here.
  12. Just got home from the bakery, Caleb and I were doing prep work for tomorrow. He is making his incredible FRENCH ONION SOUP ( I can't wait to eat a bowl of it for lunch tomorrow) and WHITE CHICKEN CHILI for our soups this week, and we will still have our yummy wraps, croissants and sandwiches! oh, and don't forget dessert! lol
  13. hahahahaha! Mark, you crack me up! I love reading your post. I think I look like a blonde Rosanne Barr.
  14. Yes we do! We make almost any kind of cake you can imagine. From simple to very big and complex. We have made a couple of Thomas the Train cakes before. Check out pictures on our FB page to get an idea of our work. Our cake artist are amazing! But, if you find a pic online, we can almost always replicate it. Feel free to call me. I will be at the bakery from 11 to 7 today, 10-5 tomorrow. ) https://www.facebook.com/FlourChildCakery?ref=ts
  15. Do you have a special event coming up in the next week or so? We have a CAKE SPECIAL going on now. A 1/4 Sheet Cake which has 18-24 servings depending to how you cut it) for only 20.00! Your choice of chocolate or vanilla, iced with our delicious homemade buttercream. Give us your occasion and tell us about the person it is for and let our decorators make it special! Your choice of decoration can be added for a little more. See the difference FRESH makes. Order your cake from us!
  16. We now have soup and sandwiches at the bakery to go along with your delicious homemade cupcakes, brownies and cookies! This week our soups are 15 Bean w/Ham and Collard Green Soup made with garlic and smoked sausage. Delicious! We also have low carb TOMATO BASIL or SPINACH HERB sandwich wraps filled with sliced roast beef, ham or turkey, veggies and delicious sauces. And we always have our TURKEY LURKY and PORKY & SWISS CROISSANTS! We have lunch specials for just $5.00 that include a sandwich, chips, drink, pickle and a cookie or a Soup and Sandwich Combo for $6.95. So sto
  17. I know this may not be something everybody would want, but I think it is cool that they make them. Have you ever heard of a FREEZERATOR? It is an upright, has a small refrigerator section, but is mostly a freezer. I think they are so cool. If we needed one, i would get one of those. Just to store extra drinks and such in as well as freezer items. I do know one thing, I will never have another side by side fridge again. Love the water and ice in the door, hate the rest. lol.
  18. THANK YOU to all of our awesome friends/customers. You made it an AMAZING Christmas Eve and 1st holiday season for us at the bakery! I thought we had more than enough to get thru the day but we sold out of almost everything. We want to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! We will be back in the bakery Tuesday with our New Year's Flavors and specials. May the spirit of Christmas be alive in each and every one of you and happiness surround you on this wonderful day! PEACE on earth! lol
  19. HAPPY, HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE! It is going to be a great day! We have so many people coming in to pick up their cakes and pies and Christmas cupcakes. I wish I knew how to post pictures on here. Check out our facebook page if you would like to see some! www.facebook.com/FlourChildCakery. We will have plenty in the case for walk-ins. Still have some truffles and cute boxes if you need a last minute gift. Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas!
  20. Busy, busy, busy at the bakery. And I bet lots of you are busy, too! We have cakes and pies and cupcakes and cream cheese brownies and a variety of homemade cookies! Stop by and get something yummy for your family today! We will be open until 7pm tonight and 3 pm tomorrow!
  21. My hubby asked me if I wanted one...I told him no. Am I going to be jealous, too? lol
  22. We got a bakery for the family this year! lol. Plus, my kids are grown, 22 and 26. I have done my shopping. Son and daughter wanted Kindle Fires, so I got those, hubby ordered himself a new bicycle frame and it is from me. Other than that I buy for my great nieces and nephew, and just a few other small gifts. It really doesn't seem like Christmas to me this year. I have tried so hard to get into the spirit, too. Decorated the bakery, got our live tree up at home the day after Thanksgiving. Put the wreaths on the windows...But when you go into stores, there is very little decorations, it real
  23. We have the yummiest little mini rum cakes. So cute, so delicious, and just $1.00 each! Come by the bakery and give them a try. We also have gift certificates, the perfect gift for ANYONE!
  24. It is amazing to me that Christmas is just 9 days away! Have you planned your Christmas breakfast and dinner? Who wants to cook breakfast Christmas morning? We will have Cinnamon Roll Wreaths and quiche you can just take home and enjoy! And for dessert at dinner, we have a huge variety to choose from. We have a special on our Red Velvet Cake. Normal price is $24, but we will be selling them for $18.00 for the next week! Have a person you need to buy a gift for and just don't know what to get? Something from the bakery is perfect! Everyone loves fresh baked goodies and we have some of the cut
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