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  1. Yes, we are in the former gas station/country store that bumblebee was in. We have done a LOT of work inside and out cleaning up and repairing things. It looks like a different place now. Very colorful and cozy and clean. Be on the lookout for even more changes outside coming soon! We will definitely have things made with whole wheat flour and my baker (who also happens to be my son) and I have been talking about gluten free items as well as having at least 1 sugar free item a day. Caleb went to Culinary Arts school and is always up for new and exciting recipes. We spent the summer developing
  2. It is definitely something we will consider. It just depends on if there is enough people who would want it.
  3. Hi! We just joined P.com and wanted to announce that we are OPENING A NEW BAKERY! It is located at 6129 Ridge Road in Hiram. We plan to be open Oct 27th and are so excited! Our name is FLOUR CHILD CAKERY & BAKE SHOP and we are a hippie theme bakery with cool colors, music posters and of course peace signs. lol. We are a full service bakery, with cupcakes, cookies, pies, quiche, sandwiches, etc. in the case and offer special order cakes made to your specifications. And yes, we will have a "special brownie" section.
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