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  1. Thank you! We plan to add more as time allows. lol. An art student named Taylor did that for us.
  2. Our hours will be from 11am-7pm Tues thru Friday and 9am-4pm on Sat.
  3. If all goes well WE will be feelin' groovy next week when we open on Oct 27th! We will have samples for everyone so please stop by and see how awesome our little bakery is gonna be!
  4. I am so glad she liked it! It was a BIG, tall beautiful yellow cake with buttercream icing that had scroll work and sculpted pastel fondant roses on it. Her husband is so incredibly nice and was so sweet. He really wanted to make her birthday special. Thank you for letting me know!
  5. There is a decorating/gift store in downtown Powder Springs called The Pear Tree and she has some of the coolest, and unusual items. I bought someone a cookbook last year called SugarB#tches that was so cute. (Kinda wish I had kept it now. lol) But she also has a wonderful array of candles, ornaments and other items that are perfect for the gal who has everything. Or, (shameless plug here) you could always order the best cheesecake in Ga. from us. We have many different kinds to choose from along with several other wonderful desserts that will make a great gift! lol.
  6. We are gonna have a ball! When looking for a name and theme for the bakery we all lit up when we came up with the Flour Child hippie theme. There is so much we can do to incorporate the theme and the decor is colorful and fun. I figured young kids will like the bright colors, older kids will think it is cool, and older adults like me will re-live our youth. lol. btw, I love orange creamsicles, too. And choc w/ buttercream icing is a classic!
  7. I am reading all of your suggestions out to my family (aka co-owners and bakery workers) and we are cracking up. We LOVE these ideas. Grateful Bread, Rolling Scones, Magic Cupcake Ride, EAT A PEACH! Oh my. they are all awesome. I love p.com people.
  8. I have never heard of PMS cake. lol. Can't wait.
  9. I have a recipe that was given to me by a lady in church several years ago. i was just looking at it today. So, I will let you know when I make them. lol
  10. wellllll, not quite. lol. But maybe even better tasting. lol Cannoli are already on the list for the menu. REAL cannoli filling, too. mmmmmmmmmm
  11. LOVE, LOVE LOVE the ideas. Can't believe we didn't think of the Bye, Bye Miss American Pie. lol. It is awesome. I developed the recipe after trying a slice of blackberry wine cake at a restaurant. You will have to come in and try one. mmmm. mmm. haha. VERY cute. ~adding to my list.
  12. We plan to make some sugar free cupcakes. The problem with sugar free is the icing. Most of the really good tasting sugar free icing is not stable enough to sit for more than a couple of hours. And of course, just because it is sugar free doesn't mean it is low carb. (I have sugar issues myself and am trying to not become diabetic so I sympathize). Thanks for voting. We have lots of great ideas for flavors and combinations of flavors that we plan to do. And, LPPT, I agree, stale cupcakes are for the birds. Cake should not be dry and stale. Too many bakeries and grocery store bakeries try to
  13. We are working on our menu and really want to know what flavors people like best. So please take a second to vote in our poll! Thanks!
  14. Love the names. I will have to find a sweet item to go with them. lol
  15. The name of our bakery is Flour Child Cakery and we will have a hippie type theme. In the style of things, we want to name our baked items after songs, artists and things from the hippie era. Such as: strawberry fields -strawberry cupcake purple haze-blackberry wine cupcake nights in white satin-black & white Piece of my Heart Cupcake-red velvet yellow submarine -lemon flower power-yellow or choc with psychedelic Jerry Garcia-Cherry almond Black magic woman cupcake-dark chocolate with coffee White Rabbit-coconut Day Tripper -cupcake of the day Happiness is a warm cupcak
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