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  1. I'm already seeing evidence of Wellstar's change. A couple of months ago, my Dr ordered an xray. When I checked in for the xray, they were having problems reaching my insurance company and told me that I could pay a flat $50 and that would pay for the xray and the radioligist fee. The second thing that has happened isn't very good. I've been trying to get new lab orders sent for bloodwork. I've called three times last week leaving messages the first two times and then speaking with the receptionist. She told me they had a new computer system and that she could see where it was waiti
  2. Thanks for all the advice! I've never had to use a handyman before as my Dad used to be in health to do stuff and now my husband. However, my husband is gone more than he is here and things need to be handled! lol
  3. Can anyone recommend an honest, reliable handyman? We are in need of repair on our front and back porches and also replace the vanity/sink in our bathroom. My husband normally does these type things but he won't be in town enough to do this.
  4. We have a membership. First, let me clear up the alcohol issue. That is the Full Metal Jacket members only lounge and if you buy alcohol, you can't go back into the range. The guy who built this place is an architect that has designed all sorts of gun ranges across the country. He wanted to put all the great things he had built for other gun ranges into his own gun range. There are some cool things going on there. Go and ask for a tour. They were still offering flagship member discounts as of this past Sunday. They also give a $100 military discount.
  5. If we don't teach cursive, signatures won't be so unique either. I remember when I learned cursive, I was excited to perfect my signature.
  6. I had Ford buy back a car under lemon law in the mid 90's. It is not an easy process. They tried screwing me right and left before they finally bought it back. If I had another car today that I could exercise lemon law on, I would really think hard about just trading it in. It took me over a year. I used to have the VIN# for the car and I pulled it up years later and it doesn't even show it was bought back as a lemon.
  7. I just wanted to report back this week. We went last night for dinner and to stay for the band. The parking lot was full! I thought we would have had to wait, but we were seated right away. We really enjoyed everything again. After dinner we moved to the bar to have some cocktails while waiting on the band to start. Met some great people and had a good time. Saturday June 15 they are having an '80's tribute band called SpandXXX. We will be on vacation but hope to see them in there again so we can check them out. Last nights band play The Doors tunes.
  8. I wish I would have taken a picture of the back menu. I believe they did.
  9. Believe me, I understand that. The restaurant that used to be there that was the original Italian restaurant, made me sick with bad chicken and I didnt go back until the owners after them. We were pleasantly surprised when we found this out yesterday.
  10. Yes this is the place I'm talking about. The waitress told us they are the same family as Marietta Diner and Greek folks were all over the place running it. They just took it over a few weeks ago, so I would recommend going back now.
  11. we just ate at the Crossroads Grille and the new owners are the same family as the Marietta Diner! When you walk in the display case if full of those big cakes! We sat down and hadn't even seen our waitress yet and the manager brought us free appetizers of chicken kabobs (YUM) and sausage and rice. If you look on the back of the menu, it is like a mini Marietta Diner menu. We will be going back for sure. I hope word gets out so this place stays open.
  12. Same thing happened to me a couple of months ago. But it was a young red headed female and young guy driving a gray van.
  13. The one downside is they list for 7 days and if it doesn't sell, another 7. Then if not sold, the item is donated.
  14. I think Fronline Plus is the only one that includes ticks. I keep my ears open for new ones but we need that tick protection.
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