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  1. And by the way what is all this non discrimination junk that people think is possible. If i discriminate then you discriminate against me. Impossibilities are just that impossible. I could give a rats ass if someone dislikes me because I am white, heterosexual, blue eyes, support hunters and hunting, eat cow, hate cats, love dogs, think that our current president sucks and so will our next one, despise walking into wally world and think that if you are here illegally get the hell out. So if you don't like it walk away and find someone whoms feelings actually get hurt about something.
  2. Maybe he is on the Right side of history here. As all the other liberal minded bafoons are trying to win over a certain populace he publicly denounces it and for that BRAVO.
  3. Explain to me why my neighbor got his truck broke into when within 100 yards in any direction sits PCSO, or Polk. It will only deter the non"criminal". I have know many officers of the law and have been told numerous times how their house or car ws broke into. And I don't care that county vehicles are driven for personal reasons, I care that the drivers think that they can drive them like a 16 year old on a back country road.
  4. Ok as for putting peple in categories the only category I mentioned was immorallity. And as for that born with bs execuse I do not believe it for a second. If you do than believe that Sandusky was born with pedophilia as a condition from birth. Which by the way has as much psychological beginnings at inception as does homosexuality. And for your info I spent 10 years and 10 months and 2 days in the staates wonderful DOC as an inmate and I know that all the gays in their chose their lifesytle just as we(inmates) chose to commit crimes deemed wrong by society. And I would also like t
  5. Alwyas wondered that myself. I see the vehicles especially patrol cars driven to personal homes, always wonder why. Firemen do not drive the fire trucks home. The dot does not drive motor graders and ice trucks home. And for some reason I have never seen a national guard motor pool empty because the soldiers have M1 Abrams or UH-60's parked in their yard. Just sayin
  6. along with the local community who receives revenue in taxes, schools that get projects funded, the other business's that would get monies from the workers, big domino effect
  7. Alright everyone, I have the answer. The Federal Govt should just make any future marriage, same sex or opposite sex null and void. Outlaw it completely , everyone just lives with their partner and that way we are all treated equal in the eyes of the law. And for all of you who speak of hate of another, you find me one person who can be honest and say that they do not dislike a group of people. You all go "Coexist" with James Holmes, Jerry Sandusky, Wayne williams, Joseph Kony, Charles Manson, Eric Toth and the Many other people who have done horrendous things. Yeah I know some of
  8. Employers do not need to pay exempt employees the mandated minimum wage rate or overtime as long as the statutory exemption requirements are met. For a summary of those requirement, read the DOL's exemption fact sheets. Currently, the misclassification byemployers of employees as exempt is one of the most active areas of enforcement for the DOL. If you are an employer, you need to make sure the employees you current have classified asexempt are truly exempt. Employers that improperly classify employees as exempt are generally required to reimburse the improperly classified employees for the
  9. Thank you as this whole topic has digressed from the moment you started.
  10. I also like to tell the management when I have been given great service, I have been know to call corporate when it is a chain.
  11. So I never said "true" thought so. Oh and I am actually a member of the original Christain church. I might have a perpensity to expound my beliefs a little bit stronger. And on another note Jim Jones was purpotedly Christain, David Koresh and many others. Only cult leaders though right? Their churches did not make it quite as far as some others have.
  12. Tipping is not a requirement it is a gesture. A way to say thanks without having to verbally communicate it. There are all types of rudeness around us. Used to be a bag boy at good ol' WD, did not always receive tips but would have gladly carried out non tippers groceries over and over again just to help them out and maybe extend some type of happiness to them. Sure I liked my tips, I just enjoyed working.
  13. YOu made me re-read my first post and could not find where I said any thing about true religon. And sorry to say it but I do not like to openly judge others, all I can do is stand firm in my own faith and use the guiding principles of the Holy Bible to make decisions about what I choose to support orwhat I think is moral ethical and proper. I could probably go out and print up a whole new version of the bible and it could contain whatever I want it to so that truths can be twisted to fit a particular want of something or desire for.
  14. Yes that would apperar true just as the establishment can refuse service to whomever it chooses being a private place. It would be quite rude not to tip the server or to not pay the advertised gratuity amount. If your service is not up to par, talk to management. Nothing like getting a server in line when you start talking to the boss. Or there is always my favorite thing to do, knock your drink on the floor or table, and repeat again when you get a fresh one.
  15. I have no fear of people carrying weapons where they like. Just the other day a 60 something year old man thwarted a robbery at an internet cafe when he pulled his pistol and began shooting very discrimanately at the robbers. Laughed my ass off at that. wish the entire cafe would have been packing that would have been absolutely hilarious.
  16. Ok let us not debate what christains believe because some believe that pedophilia is perfectly ok. You need not talk of "christains" who are only that in name. China banned bibles in 2008 at the olympics, the govt. persecutes thousands daily. I think it should be self evident that they are not for christianity.
  17. Wow thank you, thought this site was being run by Hu Jintao and the PLA
  18. No I am saying that Dan cathy is anti gay marriage based on christian principles and that China is anti christain and buying chinese products supports anti christain principles thereby standing up for one thing and not the other is being a little bit bigot. And not trying to turn this into strictly a religous topic. Oh you are right the bible says nothing about communism or the klan or neo nazi's or the many other things which we know to be inherently evil or not so nice. But it does speak of supporting those which aid in unmoral activity.
  19. Yes my Democratic roots run deep aabout as deep as my republican. by the way I am a United Assosiciation Plumber that has helped build over half of the wellstar projects and will be looking forward to working with my fellow Union brothers from the IBEW and The USMW on the new Paulding campus.
  20. Never said CFA was sinning. I am not judging them only making paralells. And we must try our best as Christains to do what is right. Can't be perfect on earth as there will only ever be one, but can try our hardest can we not.
  21. Maybe some of the BIG problems stem from the fact 2/3 of our consumer products are made in China, or the fact that to keep face with everyone we have to keep in line with mainstream "un"ethics. And no people I occasionally have to buy foreign made junk. Thanks to all of you for aiding in that dilemna. But I will support my own country even if it costs 20% more out of my pocket. Could just be the Union worker in me or the fact that my family has fought for this country in wars and in the streets via protests for over 250 years.
  22. It is not about products From China as much as it is Christain values. If you truly want to stand up for something you have got to make sure all your bases are covered or you look like a bigot.
  23. Ok People I love me some Chik Fil A sandwiches. Their service is superb, restraunt is clean, and they stand up for their faith, most of the time. We are living in a fast changing society and criticisim is everywhere. It is easy to be labled racisit, predjudice, or somethingphobic. I am proud of Mr. Cathy for standing up to the mainstream supporters of nonchristain beliefs. But at the same time my toddler son gets with his meal a book published in China. Well that goes against my christain faith also. I do not hate the Chinese, I hate communism. We all know that the communist regimes will
  24. The law states that if you work for tips then the company does not have to pay standard minimum wage, unless your tips and subrate pay dooes not equal minimum wage. It is supposed to work out to where you are paid at the very minimum Hrs. worked X (tips+rate of pay)is equal to or greater than standard minimum wage for hours worked.
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