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  1. We're working with a local director to produce a documentary on David Bowie. We need your comments on how David Bowie's work impacted your life. The shoot will take about 15 minutes of your time. Shoot locations: Ben Hill Strickland park Chattahoochee Tech When: Wednesday January 25th & Friday January 27th. Shooting times vary, contact us for details. Thanks!! Angela
  2. We're ready here!! Decorating done- BOO!
  3. My customer has a project on a MAC running an old version of Final Cut Pro 4. They've asked me to help edit this project. I have their MAC in my home office, and I need an experienced FCP editor that also knows Dvd Studio Pro. Pays $100 if you can edit and repair missing links and missing rendered files. Need someone to help me with a current project now. Will have more in the coming year for you to earn money as my freelance FCP editor. I'm in Hiram off of Ridge Road. The file is too big to dropbox, you'll have to edit it here at my home office. I'm not checking this posting so
  4. Found doggie Marshal Fuller Road. Paulding County Animal Control - "This sweet girl was just picked up in the area of Cade Court and Marshal Fuller Road. We have named her Goldie. If anyone knows where her home is please let us know."
  5. Pinewood Studios chose Georgia. A very big deal for a well known studio. http://www.pinewoodgroup.com/our-studios/usa/pinewood-atlanta-studios http://www.pinewoodgroup.com/search/node/star%20wars http://www.pinewoodgroup.com/search/node/disney
  6. They have more casting calls for all ages. New Life Casting. Looks like most are in the metro Atlanta area. The Nov 17th shoot is looking for kids ages 5 to 9. Virginia Highlands area. Their facebook page has the details for this and others. Angela Wingers
  7. We have partnered with GreyStone to assist in their efforts to produce and market their Energy Savings Seminar series. The August 26th Solar Power Seminar is booked; however, you can view the video at GreyStone and on our site and our YouTube channel. Contact us for details.
  8. The Riker twins episode... LOVED IT! Guess maybe I prefer William.
  9. Yes I agree... Love Picard. And yes on Simon!
  10. Ha! No way. Love the editing though. Looks like After Effects sofware.
  11. How old skool? ;-P Which ones could you not answer?
  12. I'm working on the poll now... everyone should be able to vote.... We're adding more poll questions too.
  13. Who is your favorite captain and why? Which is your favorite Star Trek movie? (original, TNG and JJAbrams works)
  14. If that's you, email us. This is an unpaid position; however, there is tremendous online exposure for you, and you will be able to use these videos for your own webpage and marketing. We are working with a national media developer that will promote your expertise nationally through online media outlets. Contact us for all the details. Send us your bio and links to any of the following: blog Twitter page Facebook Fan Page Angela
  15. Wingers Media is producing a product demo and wants to keep the shoot local, here in Paulding County. Anyone know a work out center, dance studio or salon that would allow us less than 2 hours to shoot a scene on Tuesday. There's no payment; HOWEVER, we can give your facility exposure and credit online (your website information, phone) Email me for details. Thank you, Angela
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