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  1. Sounds like a great trip planned. I now live in the UK and have for some time you can use you D.L for up to 1 year in Europe. You may also want to look into the Canarie Islands (Tennerife) it's amazing went there last year. Spain is lovely as well. Paris is a must do you will never see anything like it just be ready to spend a lot of Euros there
  2. love bug


    My almost 16 year old son still needs his steaks cut. He has asperger's and has problems with sensory things. He still needs help with quite a few things.
  3. That is really sweet. My hubby is amazing he moved to another country for for me and the kids. He supports me in no matter what I do. He is a great Dad. He is very supportive of me having Bi Polar and understands my moods and is always there when I feel broken. He helped find my oldest son when he was 18 as he was adopted out when I was 16 due to a nasty attack. He is great with him and our other two boys. I count my blessings every day for him and my boys.
  4. Really hoping you feel better soon
  5. Love it! That was our weddinng song. You should have seen the look of our guests when it came on!
  6. I quit Thanksgiving 2012 and although it has been a struggle I am so pleased! I have ecigs and they have been a life saver. I realized smoking is all in my head and I realized I have to quit and I want to quit. It's all a mind game. Keep up the good work. We all can get through this. Just remember for me the main key was making up my mind once and for all I WANT TO QUIT!! Good luck peeps
  7. It sounds just like Tango same kind of app. It is amazing what you can do with smart phones. I speak to all my family all over the worldon Tango for free
  8. Thanks crossroads for your input My point to DGITW is stop trolling others and calling them out when you really are no better. She is a bully and feels the need to carry on feeling superior with her British knowledge. She can't make up her mind whether she is anti uk or loves the UK.
  9. Wow if you say so. Maybe Zoo has gone to the UK alot....... I don't run to read her posts as usually I am no interested. But your mightier than though attitude just irritates the hell out of me. Just because you have been to the UK alot does not mean you are anywhere near British also mexicans can cross a border to have a kid that's American really does not make their parents know it alls of America.
  10. Who made you the British police? So what is she types British words? Seriously? Are you British or just by injection?? Me living and being British am not offended at all. I think you need to find a new hobby instead of bashing others or slamming the UK in previous posts. You kill me with your "knowledge" of the UK...........
  11. I hate all and any seafood, avacado, olives, pickles, blue cheese, mustard and so many things. I hate being so picky
  12. I have volt e cigs and they are awesome!! I quit smoking 6 months ago and e cigs kept me sane. I am now on the lowest level of nicotine and barely use it but it is a life saver if you are trying to quit smoking. Good luck
  13. This is my first year without my Dad he left us in Feb. I struggle daily but I am putting on a happy face for the kids. It will be so strange without him but luckily I am the Queen of blocking everything out. Prayers for you all on your Xmas without someone.
  14. Yes VAT is sort of like sales tax would be in the US
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