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  1. Umm. I think I will close this thread to keep the evidence to a minimum.
  2. It's Betty Jo and Betty Jo that are spreading the lovin around here, Pyle. I'm just happy to be here and they are happy everywhere.
  3. This might just be an interesting duty assignment for the 12 hour shift. Love how the Bradly Hussies don't show up until the weekend.
  4. Did I hear we are passing out some fun tonight?
  5. You are very welcome on this board as are all the other members that do not live in Paulding County
  6. I hear that some are feeling very frisky you will have to pm the Sheriff
  7. How many screen names do you have sir?
  8. This red head will be all that you need
  9. you an't gonna invite those bradley girls are you?
  10. Howdy sweetness.... wanna meet after work for a nite cap?
  11. Right here sugar what do you need? Those Bradley girls should spend the night in the poky with Otis yeah some of them can not handle that fancy liquor
  12. I hear those Bradley girls are good at pole dancing
  13. Have a great night pcom I am off to calm LULU down and get that rolling pin from her before she hurts those Bradley girls then I will be dancing the night away
  14. you girls better make a run for it before LULU gets her rolling pin
  15. 13 minutes left and I will be dancing the rest of the night away
  16. I will buy LULU some bon-bon's for helping out As a matter of fact I have seen Boss Hogg those Bradley Girls were trying to talk him in to getting a drink check with them
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